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CBD Educational Resources

Furthering Your CBD Education 

As we all know, the CBD industry continues to grow and change every day. Even different cannabinoids become bright and shining stars of the industry before our eyes. At Infinite CBD, we ensure that our staff is always kept up-to-date on the latest trends and regulations regarding the industry. However, we want the same to be said for our customers. Did you know that there are online resources that allow you to pursue individual education in cannabis?

Let’s dive in.

Below is a list of outside resources you can look into if you have an interest in pursuing an education in cannabis! Some offer certifications while others are focused on degrees – both of which will work wonderfully when pursuing education or advancement within the cannabis space. Let’s check out some of these resources together!

Private CBD Universities and Companies

  1. Cannabis Training University

Cannabis Training University may be the most popular resource for furthering your CBD education. Currently, they are running a special discount that offers $247 for all 7 courses in their Master Certificate Program.

Some of their course titles include How to Grow, How to Cook with Cannabis, How to be a Bud Tender, How to Open a Dispensary, Medical Marijuana Laws & Regulations and Marijuana as Medicine: Myths and Miracles Revealed. The range of topics keeps students well informed on the industry while learning about nearly every corner in the cannabis industry.

  1. CBD Training Academy

The CBD Training Academy is the perfect place for beginners to obtain their CBD education. Their website says it all –

“Learn everything you need to know about CBD and other Cannabinoids, including the medical, science, clinical trials, dosing, methods of administration, bio-availability, terpenes, legal & regulatory, business, marketing, sales aspects of it and so much more.

We educate entrepreneurs, retailers, brands, healthcare practitioners, caregivers, and consumers.  Our curriculum was developed by physicians, nurses & other industry experts and will save you time and money in your quest to learn & earn more in this amazing industry.”

  1. The University of Vermont (UVM)

Under the Department of pharmacology, The University of Vermont has made history as the first medical school to offer certifications in or around the topic of cannabis. As an institution with a reputation well before cannabis, students and faculty love the additional educational opportunity this program provides. Most students complete their certification within the 7 week expectancy, which helps put even more knowledgeable professionals out into the cannabis community.

Classes offered at UVM include Cannabis Law, Policy Making, Cannabis Production and Business Practice – ensuring each and every student is given the necessary industry knowledge.

  1. Northern Michigan University

This university offers individuals the chance to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Medical Plant Chemistry with an optional emphasis on cannabis plants. The courses and education offered here are more in line for those who want to work behind the scenes of the industry. Classes revolve around the scientific processes that are necessary for the growth and production of cannabis plants – as opposed to market research and customer-facing skills. While tuition can be a bit prodigy, their financial aid programs have helped countless students further their education!

  1. UC Davis

“Physiology of Cannabis” and “Cannabis and Cannabinoids in Physiology and Medicine” are the two undergraduate courses that UC Davis has to offer those who hope to further their CBD education. Each has a different approach to introducing the topic to students.

As the website states, “‘Physiology of Cannabis’ is offered every Spring quarter at UC Davis (since Spring 2017) to raise awareness and understanding of how cannabis and cannabinoids affect the body.“ It also states “The ‘Cannabis and Cannabinoids in Physiology and Medicine’ course is designed for fourth year students, and its goals for these students are twofold: 1) to understand the physiological effects exerted by cannabis and cannabinoids on major organ systems in humans, and; 2) become proficient in communicating the pros and cons of medicinal uses of cannabis/cannabinoids with patients and peers.”

  1. The Grow School

The Grow School is extremely unique in its approach to teaching students. One of their many options is to enroll in a “slep-paced” class where you’re able to learn at a rate that fits your comfort level. When it comes to education, these kinds of personal recognitions can truly go a long way in helping someone retain meaningful information.

  1. The Self-Paced GROW 101

This is yet another resource that focuses on a specific topic while catering to the learning abilities of everyone! GROW 101 is focused on creating quality cannabis growers right from the privacy of your home. However, we would stress understanding your legal rights in your given state.

Some states in the US allow licenses for those who seek to grow cannabis, but other states are not as easy-going. When it comes to an education like this, make sure you’re following the law at all times.

  1. The University of Washington School of Medicine

Finally, another university with a positive reputation taking on topics within cannabis. The course they offer, “Medicinal Cannabis and Chronic Pain,” allows bright students the opportunity to learn more about the cannabis plant! As the school website states, the program has been “Developed for health professionals, this online training presents current information and clinical practice guidelines on the use of medicinal cannabis for the treatment of chronic pain.”

Infinite CBD Resources

Many of you already know that we release one blog a week to keep everyone up-to-date on what’s going on in the world of CBD. Hours of research lead us to find topics that we think will be beneficial for our customers to read. While we love to be a resource for CBD information, there are actual educational institutes dedicated to giving official education recognition to those looking for it.

Here’s a list of our top three most informative and educational blogs!

  1. CBD 101

CBD 101 is one of the most informative pieces we have to offer. It gives you an inside scoop on what CBD is, what it does and how it works with your body. Perfect for beginners or those just looking into beginning their CBD journey!

  1. The Endocannabinoid System

This piece breaks down the Endocannabinoid System, or ECS, and helps customers understand how we process CBD! We all use CBD for different reasons, and this blog sheds light on how a single cannabinoid can be so versatile.

  1. Nano CBD

This blog keeps us separated from the competition. Not only is our CBD quality the best in the market, but our Nano CBD options are the most powerful form of hemp extract you can find. Check out what “nano” means and why it’s beneficial to so many of our customers!

Finally, the Internet!

Never hesitate from doing independent research on cannabis! The internet is packed full of talented writers and researchers who will gladly share their findings with readers. While you may not be able to receive a proper recognition for independent research, it is good to go into educating yourself with as many perspectives as possible.

However, keep in mind that sources matter! If you’re reading a piece from Harvard Law about their studies and findings with cannabis, you can naturally consider that a fair source of information. Random websites and blogs, at times, share opinions that are not fact-based. When reading information online, make sure your sources are based on reputable sources.

From there – have fun with it! There is an entire world of cannabis to learn about and we hope you take advantage of the resources around you!

Infinite CBD • July 9, 2021