Wellness Syrup
Nano CBD + THC

$35.00 available on subscription

Nanotechnology creates smaller particles of CBD and THC molecules. We “highly” recommend our Wellness Full Spectrum Nano Syrup to those who want a portion of THC with their CBD.

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• 475mg CBD + 25mg THC per bottle

CONTAINS THC: You must be at least 21 to purchase this product. Due to new state laws, we are no longer able to sell our Extra Strength Full Spectrum Products in Connecticut, Louisiana, Montana, Colorado, or Virginia.


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The Most CBD Quickly
For our Nano Syrups, our cannabinoids are broken down teeny tiny to get into your system as quick as possible.
Delicious Taste
A yummy Strawberry flavored syrup that can go in almost anything!
Highest Portion
If you're looking for the highest form of CBD, this is it. Quick, fast, and efficient.


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Wellness Syrup <br> Nano CBD + THC
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