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20 Apr 2019
CBD research studies.

The Latest in CBD News—Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, and Rite Aid’s Involvement in the CBD Industry

Latest in CBD News Alternative medicines, natural remedies, and homeopathic supplements have grown in popularity over the years. Nowadays, though, more people are prioritizing their health and well-being. This has led to people searching for natural medicines like cannabis, hemp, and Cannabidiol (CBD). To meet the increasing demand for CBD, many infused products are sold […]

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20 Apr 2019
CBD research studies.

Recent CBD Research Studies—Overviews and Noteworthy Findings

What’s New in CBD? CBD Research Studies What is the last CBD research study you came across? What were the findings? As days, weeks, and months go by, so does the execution of various CBD research studies and clinical trials. CBD can be legally purchased and consumed in many locations around the world. However, there […]

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19 Apr 2019
what is cannabis?

What is the Cannabis Plant? Top Differences and Similarities

What is Cannabis? Over time, there has been lots of confusion surrounding the differences between hemp and cannabis. What is cannabis really, and how’s it different from hemp? What may come as a surprise is that hemp and cannabis come from the same plant species. According to the findings from a 1976 study, hemp and […]

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15 Apr 2019
CBD for dogs research.

CBD for Dogs Research: Beneficial or Just a Fad?

Pet owners everywhere are seeking natural ways to increase their pet’s quality of life. Many owners, and have considered giving CBD to their dogs due to the potential benefits. But is CBD for dogs beneficial or just a fad? Let’s consider the research. CBD for Dogs: The Research Like humans, all animals have an endocannabinoid […]

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14 Apr 2019
CBD negative side effects.

Does CBD Have Negative Side Effects—Myth or Reality?

Does CBD Have Negative Side Effects? To many people, CBD is recognized as a medically and therapeutically beneficial medicine. It is also recognized as a natural remedy that can help treat different medical conditions and diseases. However, let’s not forget about the well-being and/or quality of life improvements CBD can provide. Although CBD has many […]

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13 Apr 2019
CBD gummies reviews.

CBD Gummies Reviews Asteroids

New CBD products continue to flood the market, but which CBD products are delicious and effective? CBD gummies reviews Infinite CBD’s Asteroids. This overview provides consumers with a sneak peek of what one could expect to experience when taking CBD gummies. Before Taking CBD Gummies I have always been an active and healthy person. I take walks, […]

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09 Apr 2019
what does cbd oil taste like? Infinite CBD blog

What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

So many people are talking about the benefits of CBD, but what does CBD oil taste like? As a consumer, it’s important to know what kind of flavor experience you’ll have when trying CBD. Today is your lucky day if you want to know what CBD tastes like! CBD Isolate vs Full Spectrum CBD Oil Taste […]

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09 Apr 2019
CBD for alcohol recovery

CBD for Alcohol Recovery

April is Alcohol Awareness Month. As we all come to be more educated, helpful, and supportive members of society, it’s important to consider the various aspects of recovery. How can CBD benefit alcohol recovery? Alcohol Recovery: The Numbers Alcohol abuse and addiction happen for a number of reasons. Circumstances, genetics, mental health, and even economics play […]

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07 Apr 2019
CBD and alcohol addiction

The Positive Role CBD Plays in Treating Alcohol Addiction

For years, alcohol has been a drink of choice by many in numerous countries. Lots of people consume it socially, as a stress-reliever, or as an ice-breaker. Whereas, other people consume alcohol regularly because their body is dependent and/or addicted to it. In America, as of 2015, 15.1 million adults older than eighteen had alcohol […]

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05 Apr 2019
alcohol awareness month cbd and alcohol Infinite CBD blog

Alcohol Awareness Month

April is Alcohol Awareness Month. This month is a great time to work on being more informed and supportive of those around you who have experienced alcohol-related conditions, addiction, and illnesses. At Infinite CBD, we’d like to share the potential ways in which CBD might help during Alcohol Awareness Month. Facts About Alcohol Use & […]

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02 Apr 2019
How to use CBD.

Finding the Perfect CBD Regimen for You

When it comes to vitamins, supplements, over-the-counter meds, and prescribed medications, it can help to have a regular regimen. That way, it is simpler to stay on track and not accidentally miss a dose. When individuals have a consistent medicine regimen, it is typical to feel more organized and more in control. This type of […]

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