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21 Oct 2019

Can CBD Oil Positively Change Lives? Personal Experiences Reveal CBD’s Beneficial Impact

Can CBD Oil Positively Change Lives? Personal Experiences Reveal CBD’s Beneficial Impact If you had to guess, how many Americans consume Cannabidiol products (CBD)? According to a recent Gallup poll, 1 in 7 Americans consume CBD products for personal reasons. This equates to roughly 14 percent of the nation’s population. The same poll revealed that […]

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15 Oct 2019

Stay Healthy This Fall! A Quick Guide for Fall Health

Fall Health Tips and Tricks As the seasons change, some of us become extremely susceptible to illnesses and related symptoms. Whether you’ve actually come down with a sickness or if allergies are running amuck, Infinite CBD wants to ensure that your health is kept at the top of your priority list.  Common Sicknesses of the […]

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14 Oct 2019

Can CBD Gummies Help With Depression?

This month, Infinite CBD has spent an exceptional amount of time diving into research to understand the relationship between CBD and depression. While current research has not led the public to a definitive answer, there are points to be made about the improvements that can be made in an individual’s life who may be suffering […]

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12 Oct 2019

Are There Side Effects Linked to CBD Usage Including Fatigue and Drowsiness?

Are There Side Effects Linked to CBD Usage Including Fatigue and Drowsiness? Cannabidiol (CBD)–an alternative medicine and natural treatment method used by millions worldwide. Yes, CBD has demonstrated its efficacy in helping treat multiple medical disorders, diseases, and health issues. The cannabinoid has also shown its ability to help improve one’s well-being and quality of […]

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08 Oct 2019

Bringing You Health This Holiday Season!

Apple Pie Asteroids have become a seasonal favorite for our customers. Every holiday season, Infinite CBD brings back our tastiest and most comforting gummy yet! Bringing you hints of the holiday season with the health benefits of CBD has never been more accessible.  These limited quantity gummies blew the minds of our customers last year, […]

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06 Oct 2019
CBD 101

Class is in Session! CBD 101

CBD 101 Welcome to CBD 101, a crash course hosted by Infinite CBD to help you understand CBD fully. Have you already been introduced to CBD? In recent years, CBD has hit headlines across the country and around the globe. While cannabis itself has remained a hot topic in recent political and bureaucratic news, it’s […]

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05 Oct 2019
what is hemp extract?

How Similar and Different are CBD Oil and Hemp Oil?

How Similar and Different are CBD Oil and Hemp Oil? Nowadays, there are many different types of plant-based oils on the market. Some are used to gain an energy or immune system boost. Whereas, others are used to enhance or improve one’s health and well-being. A few increasingly popular and commonly used oils used for […]

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24 Sep 2019
CBD tea

Homemade CBD Tea Recipe Its Variety of Health Benefits

In the U.S. and worldwide, do you know how much tea is consumed on a regular basis? Each day, Americans consume 1.42 million pounds of tea whether it is cold or hot. Whereas, on a worldwide scale, roughly 2 billion people drink tea as a morning ritual. Although tea is a beneficial drink of choice, […]

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18 Sep 2019
CBD topical for pain.

CBD Topical Products for Pain and Management – Can They Help?

In recent years, CBD-infused products have made a huge name for themselves. Not only is this cannabinoid becoming more popular than traditional THC, but it appeals to nearly all age groups. Although CBD products are available in many different forms, topical CBD products fit within their own sub-industry now. There are numerous topical CBD products […]

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12 Sep 2019
About CBD coffee.

Everything You Need to Know About CBD Coffee

CBD is more available than ever before. This means that understanding the differentiation between CBD products, especially unique ones. CBD coffee is hitting the shelves everywhere – want to learn more about CBD coffee? Keep reading! What is CBD Coffee? More people are starting their days with CBD coffee. CBD coffee refers to coffee products. […]

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06 Sep 2019
CBD for migraines

CBD for Migraines – Can CBD Help?

Did you know that migraines are the second most common type of primary headaches? On top of this, the World Health Organization listed migraines as the sixth highest cause of days lost because of disability on a global scale. Although migraines affect everyone differently, some of its most common symptoms can have a negative impact […]

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