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Improving Lives with Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology has truly paved the way for the future of human health. The ability to manipulate a particle and dramatically reduce its size helps the body absorb the particles rapidly and efficiently. Moreover, this leads us to further explore the capabilities of pharmaceuticals and natural alternatives.

You may be pleased to hear that the cannabis industry has picked up on this practice to ensure a meaningful experience for customers. Many who have been utilizing cannabis for at-home remedies have been simply increasing their amounts over the years to catch up with their growing tolerance. Now that nanotechnology has found its way into hemp and marijuana products, consumers have found themselves using less and experiencing more.

Where Did It Start?

Interestingly enough, the pharmaceutical industry has been using this technology for years. You may not be aware of this, but many of the “extra strength” alternatives that we find at our local pharmacies actually incorporate the use of nanotechnology. When the particle can be made smaller, consumers feel the effects of a medication much faster. As you may know, customers hate to wait around. The instant gratification itself made it clear that these products impressed the consumers.

Another larger project that consumers are starting to see is mass nano-nutrition. Simply put, you may start seeing your favorite vitamins and supplements offered in “nano” variations. Not only will this optimize overall human health, but it will give us insight on how to further improve this process overall.

In recent years, however, companies like us have looked into how we can apply this same technology to our products. The introduction of our Nano CBD product line is not only a step further for what we can offer customers, but it expands on the cannabidiol education that we highly value.

No Tricks, Just Education.

We want our customers to know exactly what we do and why we do it. First and foremost, we know that shopping for CBD can be an overwhelming experience. With thousands of products and companies to choose from it can be hectic to know who you can trust. This is why our team works everyday to ensure a transparent process and product line.

First, let’s focus on the word “bioavailability” as it is important when discussing the capabilities of nano-products. Bioavailability is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as “the proportion of a drug or other substance which enters the circulation when introduced into the body and so is able to have an active effect.“ In short, it’s the opportunity a particle has to truly absorb into the body and show results. When making Nano CBD, we dramatically increase the bioavailability of CBD – making it highly absorbable.

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Traditional CBD vs. Nano CBD

The overall personal goals you set for yourself when introducing CBD to your routine do not change when you switch from isolate to nano. However, your method for usingCBD may very well change.

The first major difference between isolate and nano is their soluble nature. CBD isolate needs to bind to a fatty substance to keep the structural integrity of the chemical compound intact. Simply put, the CBD molecule would fall apart and be useless if it stood alone. This is why we utilize MCT oil – a famously healthy fatty substance with added health benefits for consumers! This would change which products you can add it to while avoiding separation.

For example, CBD Isolate droppers mix perfectly into recipes and oil-based products, but when added to a cup of water you can watch the MCT float to the top of the glass. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean the product itself is any less effective! Just less aesthetically pleasing for most. Nano CBD, however, is water-based. Since the molecule is so much smaller it doesn’t have a need to hold onto a fat like the isolate counterpart.

This opens the door to a world of opportunity for Nano CBD – until you consider the taste. It may seem like common sense to choose Nano CBD over CBD isolate due to the power and versatility of the product. However, consumers should know that while Nano CBD is clearly more effective and scientifically impressive, it is extremely bitter. We do not recommend that customers administer Nano CBD directly from the bottle. While some say that its not terrible, we can guarantee it is no treat.

Next are the portion sizes. Customers may assume that 10mg of CBD isolate is nearly equal to that of Nano CBD. This is absolutely false. When taking 10mgs of CBD isolate, our bodies are only able to absorb about 9-15% depending on our internal systems and how well we absorb nutrients. This is simply due to the size of the CBD particle. Since it is much larger than Nano particles, our bodies can only grab onto so much before our bodies pass it.

On the flipside, 10mgs of Nano CBD usually allows our bodies to absorb 90-100% of the available particles! Since they’re so small, our bodies can quickly put them to work and give us faster results. This is why they are more powerful than the particles in CBD isolate.

If you’re someone who prefers a 10mg portion of CBD isolate, your Nano CBD equivalent would be as low as 2mg!

Finally, customers should consider their tolerance for cannabinoids before jumping to one product or another. For those considering CBD for the first time, or if this is in the first few years of tracking results from CBD use, customers should play it safe and stick to CBD isolate. Consider Nano CBD the “extra strength” option. It’s the perfect CBD variation for those who are in need of something fast-acting.

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How Do We Make Our Nano CBD? Let’s Ask the Chemist!

The science behind creating Nano CBD is beyond complicated. Luckily, we have an in-house chemist that is ready to explain the process with a quick Q & A!

Q: How does the process start?
A: We get all of our ingredients together. First we get our CBD isolate, water and our surfactant together. These ingredients will late work together to make sure we don’t destroy the cbd particle when we turn it into nanoparticles.

Q: Surfactant? What is that exactly?
A: A surfactant can come from many sources. Ours simply acts as a complimentary binding agent to make sure everything stays together in the finished product. Since we’re going to break this particle down to such a small size we don’t need the fatty substance. Our surfactant basically replaces this ingredient. Once we have these together we emulsify them – which basically means we spread out the microdroplets so they can later come together as a water-based product.

Q: Okay, so now the ingredients are together. But how do you get the particle to become smaller?
A: That’s actually the beauty of our Nano Particle Machine – it takes the process from there. A ton of companies have their own versions of this machine and we have ours! This beauty takes my mixture and breaks down the molecules to be less than 150 nanometers in size.

Q: Sounds like magic to me. How can you tell if it completed the job to your standards?
A: Once it has done the job I run tests with a particle analyzer and this tells me if we’ve reached the size of a nanoparticle! However, I’ve seen machines that start the job and can’t complete it. You’re left with a very obviously flawed product with each of the ingredients separated. It’s pretty ugly. Not to say it isn’t a common instance for labs. With nanotechnology on the rise, the scientific community is learning nearly as quickly as customers.

Purchasing Nano CBD

If you’re considering a purchase of Nano CBD products, we have a perfect assortment to match your needs. For those looking to infuse their favorite products, try out one of our Nano Enhancer variations. For those who would prefer a lotion, our Nano Freezing Point is infused with natural ingredients and essential oils to replenish and feed the skin.

Our Nano Shots offer a quick option to get the boost you need when you need it most. With Rest and Energy variations you really can’t go wrong with such a convenient product.

Infinite CBD • June 23, 2020