Which CBD product experience are you interested in?
  1. I want a chewable product that tastes great

  2. I want a concentrated product that allows for very accurate usage

  3. I want something flavorless and easy-to-swallow

  4. I want a topical product

What would make your day infinitely better?
  1. A sense of tranquility and more restful sleep

  2. Increased energy and vitality

  3. Relief from stress and an overall sense of wellbeing

  4. Improved focus and mental acuity

  5. A psychoactive feeling of euphoria

Cooling sensation or au naturel?
  1. A cooling tingle sounds great!

  2. Au naturel, please

Do you prefer...
  1. A cream-like product you can apply with your hands?

  2. A mess-free applicator (hands stay clean)?

Looking for widespread relief or a serum-like spot treatment?
  1. Widespread

  2. Spot treatment

  1. Mere mortal

  2. Super human ;-)

  1. Yes, please!

  2. No, thanks