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22 Nov 2018
Black Friday Sale Text Vector

5 Ways to Mentally Prepare for Black Friday

Black Friday is only a few days away. It’s best if you start preparing yourself now. After a lovely holiday with your family on Thanksgiving, the turnaround to Black Friday can be stressful, daunting, and draining. Here are 5 ways to mentally prepare for Black Friday. 1.) Get a Good Night’s Sleep On Black Friday, […]

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23 Oct 2018
UK Attractions

Legal Medical Cannabis in the United Kingdom: A Loud Statement for Europe

In the United Kingdom, according to the country’s 2017 drug report, 11.3 percent of their population consumes cannabis. For many years, cannabis was classified as a Class B illegal drug in the UK. However, this hasn’t stopped residents from consuming the illegal substance. Out of all substances, it turns out that cannabis is the most […]

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15 Oct 2018
What are antioxidants? Infinite CBD

What are Antioxidants?

It seems like everyone in the medical, health, wellness, and fitness communities are talking about antioxidants. While we hear about antioxidants a lot, it is unclear how they actually improve our health. So, what are antioxidants? Understanding Oxidants Having an understanding of oxidants helps us to better understand the critical role that antioxidants play. Oxidants, […]

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15 Oct 2018
Spooky Halloween CBD Giveaway

Spooky CBD Recipes

Halloween is filled with sweets, costumes, trick-or-treating, pumpkins and parties. But something is missing from the current Halloween mix, CBD. Incorporating CBD into your Halloween fun will provide the potential benefits of CBD while staying festive. Infinite CBD has tried out a few delicious Halloween recipes which can easily add a CBD twist for you […]

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25 Sep 2018
Synergy between CBD and THC.

The Synergistic Effect Between CBD and THC—How These Cannabinoids Work Together

Cannabidiol (CBD), Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and various cannabinoids and terpenoids possess their own therapeutic benefits. Although certain cannabinoids have more benefits than others, they each have something unique to offer consumers. When these compounds are all combined, the results are significant. Single-compound medicines are effective in their own way as you get more pure products, higher […]

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23 Aug 2018
Breast awareness.

Breast Awareness Increases Overall Health

Few women understand the connection between breast awareness and their overall health. In fact, practicing breast health is a great way to monitor and increase your holistic health. As a woman, knowing why breast awareness increases overall health can change your life for the better. What’s “Normal” for Breasts? Breasts come in all different shapes […]

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28 Jun 2018

5 Little-Known Uses for CBD

If you’re familiar with CBD, you probably know that there are numerous benefits to integrating it into your daily routine. Whether you suffer from a serious medical condition, or just like giving your endocannabinoid system a boost,  CBD is helping people everywhere stay healthy and in balance. While you may know how awesome CBD is, […]

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11 Jun 2018
Infinite CBD PM Capsules

What to Know: Infinite CBD P.M. CBD Capsules

What to Know about Infinite CBD’s Effective P.M. Capsules How many hours of sleep do you get per night? Do you feel fully rested when you wake up? Do you struggle falling asleep and/or staying asleep? If so, you’re not alone because many other people experience this as well. Specifically, according to the Sleep Health […]

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06 Jun 2018

Refresh Your Summer With These 3 CBD-Infused Cocktails

Summer’s are for sunshine, time spent outdoors, and sipping on some delicious cocktails. Whether you’re looking to get energized for the day, or hoping to jump-start your weekend, refresh your summer with these 3 CBD-infused cocktails! Energizing CBD Green Smoothie This is an easy to make smoothie recipe. Optimized to refresh your summer, you’re sure […]

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04 Jun 2018
Your active summer needs CBD.

Planning An Active Summer? Don’t Forget Your CBD!

The arrival of summer often accompanies a jam-packed fun-fill calendar. More often than not, these activities sometimes have side-effects, like allergies, dry skin, sunburn, sore muscles, and even lack of sleep. If you’re planning an active summer, don’t forget your CBD. Outdoor Activities with CBD Summer’s are for the outdoors. The snow has melted, the flowers […]

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