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10 Apr 2019
CBD without THC Infinite CBD blog

The Benefits of CBD without THC

When people think of benefitting from cannabis products, they often think of THC. More so than ever before, the cannabis community is talking about and using another cannabinoid, CBD. For consumers, there are many benefits of taking CBD without THC. The Endocannabinoid System and CBD Both CBD and THC use the body’s endocannabinoid system to […]

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03 Apr 2019
CBD wholesaler of the month; April.

April Featured Wholesaler; Hawaiian Holy Smokes

Featured CBD Wholesaler; Hawaiian Holy Smokes Located on the beautiful islands of Hawaii, our April Wholesaler has been improving the world’s quality of life with Infinite CBD since May 2017. Hawaiian Holy Smokes was one of our first wholesalers. They provide its customers with quality CBD products such as; topicals, smokables, consumables and more. Our […]

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23 Mar 2019
Where is CBD sold?

FAQ; Where is CBD Sold?

Where is CBD Sold? As CBD becomes more well-known among the general public, advertisements and companies are popping up everywhere. But where is CBD sold? Today, there are no limits on where you can purchase CBD products. From chiropractic clinics and tattoo shops to websites and general markets, purchasing CBD as easy as picking up […]

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16 Mar 2019
lucky CBD

Test Your Lucky with our Lucky CBD Giveaway

Lucky CBD Are you feeling lucky? Enter our St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway by buying packs of Asteroids March 16th and 17th. Random packs of Asteroids, CBD Gummies will contain one FOUR LEAF CLOVER Asteroid. If you get the four leaf clover, you win $200 in store credit. All you need to do is take a […]

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15 Mar 2019
Where to get CBD Gummies.

Where to Get CBD Gummies; New Asteroids Packaging

Where to Get CBD Gummies It is no secret CBD Gummies are becoming a household staple for their potential benefits and effects but the question remains; Where to get CBD Gummies? With Infinite CBD’s new Asteroids packaging, you will find delicious and fresh gummies worldwide. Where to get CBD Gummies can vary. You can purchase […]

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01 Mar 2019
CBD Lube for pain.

CBD Lube for Pain; Benefits and Effects

Sexual intercourse—an intimate, enjoyable, and satisfying experience that can help enhance and strengthen the connection between you and your partner. Depending on who you are speaking to, sex has different meanings. However, one aspect that is universal regarding sex is the intention of receiving pleasure and providing pleasure to the other person. What if there […]

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14 Feb 2019
CBD Valentine's Day Sale

Valentine’s Day CBD Giveaway

Enter our Valentine’s Day CBD Giveaway for your chance to win one of five Infinite CBD prize packs for two! Enjoy; TWO 1,000 mg Droppers, TWO 10 count Asteroids, TWO Freezing Point Salve Sticks, TWO NANO Energy, Rest, and Detox Shots, and ONE Big Bang. Good Luck!! Valentine’s Day Giveaway

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26 Jan 2019
Can you use CBD oil for sex?

Can you use CBD oil for sex? Using CBD this Valentine’s Day

Can you use CBD oil for sex? Lets find out. Help Improve Your Sex Life By Incorporating CBD Candy hearts, oodles of chocolate, colorful roses, date night, smiles, laughter, and intimate time with your loved one—all prime ingredients that make up the popular holiday of Valentine’s Day. This holiday is viewed differently with many believing […]

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22 Jan 2019
How many MG in CBD Capsule?

How Many MG in CBD Capsule?

How Many MG in CBD Capsule? How many MG in CBD capsule is a common questions we get. How much CBD should I take? What is the right amount for me? For each individual, how many mg in CBD capsule may differ. You might need only need a 25 mg CBD Capsule while your friend […]

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17 Jan 2019
CBD and mental health

Week 3-CBD and Mental Health; 31 Days of Health

CBD and Mental Health One in five American adults experience a mental illness according to Anxiety, major depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia were the most common diagnosis. With 60% of people not seeing a doctor for their mental health issues, CBD is a great all natural alternative which demonstrates potential for mental health. Week […]

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09 Jan 2019
Using CBD for yoga.

Week 2-CBD For Yoga; 31 Days of Health

CBD for Yoga CBD for yoga. How will it benefit me? There is no doubt we live in a fast-paced society which can cause undesirable stress and anxiety. There are many ways to help reduce stress in life like CBD or yoga. But when you combine the two, you can relax much deeper. For Week […]

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