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10 Sep 2019
CBD for beauty

Elevating Skincare with CBD for Beauty Products

Thinking about trying CBD for beauty products? As the industry continues to grow, CBD products have been introduced to many diverse markets. These include but are not limited to; the pet industry, athletics, sports, candy and even beauty. Infinite CBD continues to dedicate time to researching this powerful cannabinoid, aiming to find a wider range […]

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09 Sep 2019
CBD health benefits.

Understanding CBD Health Benefits

CBD Health Benefits Do you know the potential CBD health benefits? Each year, new and exciting health trends boggle the minds of consumers and create entirely new markets. While some come and go after debunked claims, CBD is still rising to major headlines. It has sparked the interest of renowned political and scientific figures. Even […]

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22 Aug 2019
CBD Chapstick

The Potential Benefits of CBD Chapstick

Moonlight, CBD Chapstick A few months ago, Infinite CBD launched our first CBD chapstick, Moonlight. Since the release, we have seen a surplus in customers using the balm in a variety of ways and in a range of climates. Not only does this reassure that our formulation fits customer needs, but it pushes us to […]

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19 Aug 2019
Will CBD oil fail a drug test?

Will CBD Oil Fail a Drug Test?

Many people are interested in taking CBD. Unfortunately, because CBD is a cannabinoid and the cousin of THC, many individuals have misconceptions about it. This leads to a common question: Will CBD oil fail a drug test? We’ll address this serious concern here. Will CBD Oil Fail a Drug Test? Yes and no. CBD could […]

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19 Aug 2019

Happy Anniversary! Infinite CBD Sale!

After three years of space travel, Infinite CBD has discovered the most efficient and affordable ways to get the CBD our customers need. This year, we want our loyal customers to have access to what they need most. That’s why we’re offering 30% off of order totals for two full days with the potential of […]

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15 Aug 2019
CBD for inflammation

CBD for Inflammation

Throughout the country, CBD has made its way onto the main-stage of prominent markets. Whether it be CBD-infused recipes or a new take on skin care routines, this popular cannabinoid continues to gain popularity and validity as customer testimonials pour in. Many consumers have heard the amazing benefits CBD can provide, but are unaware that […]

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14 Aug 2019
NANO CBD for WHolesale.

Nano CBD for Wholesale Customers

Look past our regular deals and opportunities for discounts, and look closely at the products that can change your customers lives for the better. Finding products they want and need can be a tedious task. If one thing is true, it is that customers are as unique as their fingerprints – coming from different walks […]

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07 Aug 2019
Using CBD oil for dogs

CBD Oil for Dogs; The Truth About CBD for Pets

CBD Oil for Dogs While you may have found that CBD has changed your life for the better, have you considered CBD oil for dogs? Pet owners around the world are starting to introduce the CBD trend to their beloved pets, assisting with a variety of medical conditions. While there has been a vast amount […]

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07 Aug 2019
CBD wholesale


CBD WHOLESALER OF THE MONTH This month we are excited to recognize CannaBliss Comfort LLC as Augusts CBD Wholesaler of the Month. Located in Brownsville, Tennessee, CannaBliss Comfort LLC offers locals the opportunity to improve their quality of life with an impressive range of CBD products. After over 20 years of banking, Christina, the owner […]

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06 Aug 2019
CBD lotion for pain.

Have You Tried Using CBD Lotion for Pain?

In the human body, pain occurs for a lot of reasons. Whether you’re managing pain on a daily basis or occasionally due to activity, it’s not something that’s fun to deal with. Pain can disrupt your quality of life and activity level. Have you tried using CBD lotion for pain? Research suggests promising results. What […]

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02 Aug 2019
Product of the month


Getting the effects you need quickly can be difficult. Especially when considering the amount of labels claiming their “fast-acting” ingredients will do the trick. With Nano CBD Shots, Infinite CBD has engineered recipes to improve energy levels, detoxify the body and induce healthy, restful sleep.  For the month of August, take an additional 20% off […]

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