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CBD 101

Class is in Session! CBD 101

Class Is In Session! Cbd 101

Welcome to CBD 101, a crash course hosted by Infinite CBD to help you fully understand CBD. Have you already been introduced to CBD? In recent years, CBD has hit headlines across the country and around the globe. While cannabis itself has remained a hot topic in recent political and bureaucratic news, it’s interesting to watch the integration of cannabidiol (CBD) as a retail product and natural alternative. 

Throughout the internet, stories of successful CBD encounters have come up alongside spectators, calling CBD oil “this generation’s snake oil.” Doing your research before jumping to a conclusion is always advised. At Infinite CBD, our mission is to improve the quality of life while educating the world on how to elevate their health to the next level.

Infinite CBD’s crash course, or “CBD 101” will be a comfortable overview for all you need to know about CBD. Understanding the origins of CBD, it’s potential benefits, applications, global and local impacts and legality isn’t that difficult. Here, you will read a comfortable overview of CBD and all that it has to offer the world.

How Does My Body Absorb CBD?

Thanks to your internal Endocannabinoid System, also referred to as your ECS, cannabinoids are able to process within our bodies. Cannabinoids, in short, are the compounds produced within cannabis plants – each with their own unique capabilities. Your ECS is able to utilize these cannabinoids to work towards balancing your body’s homoeostasis, allowing you to reach peak health when paired with a balanced diet and exercise. 

The ECS is built specifically to break down and absorb cannabinoids. Yes, that’s right – your body was built for cannabis! Without the ECS, there would be very few benefits for consuming any cannabinoid, let alone CBD. Within your ECS there are receptors that grab onto the cannabinoid and absorb the particle. These are referred to as your CB1 and CB2 receptors. 

You might have been wondering how CBD can help polar opposite issues. For example, athletes report having less stress, mentally and physically, after regularly consuming CBD. But how is CBD able to manage such a wide range of issues? All of this is due to those receptors – CB1 and CB2. In short: 

  • CB1 Receptors – These are personal to us, affecting our mood, appetite, thoughts and other active brain functions. Our CB1 receptors support the attributes of ourselves that others are commonly able to notice. 
  • CB2 Receptors – Our “behind the scenes” receptors. CB2 manages inflammation and pain, working through our immune system. 

To read more about the Endocannabinoid System and learn how it interacts with our bodies, check out our blog dedicated to just that!

A Brief History of CBD

It may seem like CBD is a recent discovery. However, this is far from the truth. CBD, as well as an array of other cannabinoids, have been used for centuries. The first documented use of cannabinoids was in 2737 BC, during the reign of Chinese Emperor Sheng Nung, who used his cannabis-infused drinks to avoid memory issues, malaria, rheumatism, and even gout. Even Queen Victoria is believed to have consumed CBD to assist with painful menstrual cramps until 1901. 

Among many other historical moments for cannabis, one stands out among the rest. In 1942, Roger Adams was the first chemist to successfully document the isolation of a CBD particle, separating the cannabinoid from its counterparts. It is Adams’ research that led future scientists to discover the most popular cannabinoid, tetrahydrocannabinol, or “THC” for short. 

Physically speaking, CBD can be extracted from hemp plants as well as cannabis plants. 

So, what’s the difference between the two? For those that are unfamiliar, marijuana plants  produce flowers that fuel the medical and recreational markets with their THC. Hemp plants produce minute abouts of THC (<0.03%), leading them to be naturally less psychoactive. Instead, the hemp plant has a much higher CBD concentration while being jam-packed with a higher protein content within it’s seeds.

The “Father of CBD”

Ongoing research continues to be proposed and published. In order to understand the potential of CBD identified by scientists, it is equally important to know where and why so much CBD research is being conducted. What you might not know is that Israel is a huge proponent of cannabis research. The country is, without a doubt, leading the world in THC, CBD, and other cannabinoid research.  

This brings us to Dr. Raphael Mechoulam Ph.D., a man that many refer to as the “father of cannabis” began researching cannabis with the blessing of government officials in Israel decades ago. Not only has he identified the structure on many cannabinoids, but isolated the molecules to learn more about specific attributes. 

This history of research means that a significant amount of the research published today comes out of Israel.  

As worldwide restrictions on cannabis have decreased, more and more institutions are able to dive into the clinical applications of cannabis and CBD specifically. Before the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp was classified as a Schedule I drug by the FDA. This schedule status made it very difficult for institutions to study CBD in any capacity. 

Currently, as far as the FDA goes, there are fewer steps for companies to go through when studying clinical applications for hemp (contains less than 0.3% THC) compared to marijuana. As CBD grows to become the subject of more findings, it’s important that consumers have access to all of the information available. This way, they can note potential benefits. 

Research confirms that the endocannabinoid system, and more specifically the CB1 and CB2 receptors, help the body achieve homeostasis, or balance. While the body creates cannabinoids, adding additional cannabinoids is found to trigger many responses throughout the body (wherever these receptors are located). 

Receptors are located throughout the central nervous system. More specifically, one study states, “The ECS has emerged as one of the key regulatory mechanisms in the brain controlling multiple events such as mood, pain perception, learning and memory among others.”  

A body of research has tied a variety of CBD benefits to these essential body mechanisms. 

Have You Heard of Charlotte Figi?

While CBD has been around for decades, it made headlines in 2004 when Charlotte Figi’s story was broadcast on national news. 

The young girl was diagnosed with a rare seizure disorder known as Dravet Syndrome. The number of seizures a day, sometimes nearly 300, severely impacted Charlotte’s development. Her parents, Paige and Matt, sought clinical expertise as the condition worsened. Not only could Charlotte not verbally communicate, but she began having to use a wheelchair. 

The Figi’s soon learned about CBD, and after trying all clinical options and remedies, were ready to pursue less traditional options. After giving CBD to Charlotte for a week, her condition dramatically improved. Not only did she experience fewer episodes, but she was able to develop and communicate as most children do.  

Charlotte’s single experience with CBD launched the phytocannabinoid into the national and international spotlight in 2013. 

The inspiring and thought-provoking story of Charlotte’s experience with CBD rode on the heels of recent recreational marijuana (THC) legalizations in Colorado and Washington. Suddenly, society began differentiating CBD from its relative, THC. Rather, they stood side by side, and the public demanded to learn and know more about Cannabidiol.    

CBD Extraction: Hemp vs. Marijuana

Using a solvent, scientists can extract phytocannabinoids from the cannabis plant – hemp and marijuana alike. Perhaps one of the most important conversations surrounding extraction has to do with the actual plant.

The phrase “cannabis” embodies both plant types in question – hemp and marijuana. Marijuana does contain small amounts of CBD as well as many other phytocannabinoids, like THC, at very high concentrations. For those seeking the benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects of THC, many users turn to hemp products because of the plant’s natural ability to produce high amounts of CBD.

For legal and agricultural reasons, the federal government laid out different legislation between hemp and marijuna – splitting the cannabis conversation. While they are both cannabis, hemp naturally contains less than 0.3% THC. Hemp can also be known as “industrialized hemp.” For this reason, the 2018 Farm Bill gave allowances to the hemp plant and not marjuana plants. 

When CBD is extracted from hemp, it results in higher concentrations of CBD without the “high” from THC (because it isn’t present in hemp legally). This is one of the most attractive selling points to customers. 

How Can I Use CBD?

There is a vast range of ways to get your daily intake of CBD. At Infinite CBD, product use and administrations vary to ensure that each customer can keep their preferences while trying something new. Customers have reported adding CBD to their favorite foods, cooking with CBD oil, utilizing tinctures, enhancing topicals and more. Thanks to modern science, we’re able to produce CBD products that fall perfectly into homes everywhere. 

The only thing you want to be mindful about is the amount of extract and your preferred way to consume CBD. Rest assured, there is not a single report available that correlates overdosing and cannabinoids. Chances are, you won’t be the first. While some swear by a single method, it is always advised to give everything a try. Keep in mind that less is more with CBD consumption, where a smaller dosage can be elevating and larger dosages can be sedative. If you’re experiencing discomfort in specific areas, apply directly to the location. This will make sure that absorption is quick and effective. 

Different Types of CBD

CBD as a compound is one of a kind. However, the type of CBD in question makes all the difference. Did you know that there are different forms of CBD that can change the way you experience this cannabinoid?

Consumers should know there are different varieties within CBD products with labels that can get a bit confusing. Mainly, there are four to be aware of. They are:

  • CBD Isolate: The bread and butter of Infinite CBD. This is strictly the single compound/cannabinoid extracted from the plant and bound with MCT or coconut oil. 
  • Full Spectrum: When extracting the CBD from the plant, all other cannabinoid siblings and flavor profiles (also known as flavonoids) follow suit. This would include trace amounts of the popular cannabinoid,, tetrahydrocannabinol – or THC for short. 
  • Broad Spectrum: Almost mirroring full spectrum, broad spectrum contains the lineup of cannabinoids and flavonoids without the presence of psychoactive elements (THC).
  • Nano CBD: Think of CBD Isolate – now imagine the single particle all by itself. At Infinite CBD, a single cannabidiol particle is about half the size of a red blood cell. Now, imagine a particle 1/100th of the size – that’s a nanoparticle! Much easier for your body to absorb and distribute.

Understanding the Legality Behind CBD

Due to major advances in our political system and a proper exercise of state rights, the farming and manufacturing of hemp in the U.S. has been made nearly as easy as farming any other crop. Like most others, it does require a list of licenses and certifications, but nothing too difficult. The 2018 Farm Bill has been a huge contributor to the movement of hemp and cannabis throughout the american political system. This bill is updated by congress every 5 years to ensure the country is growing crops to adhere to the needs of their time. Since hemp was in high demand and the government saw no danger in passing farming laws for a non-psychoactive plant, hemp products (specifically CBD) were all thrown onto shelves – almost overnight. 

While we believe this is a huge step for the entirety of cannabis, this has led to some uneducated business practices – taking advantage of a popular product to maximize on profit. As a consumer, it is more than overwhelming to sift through fact and fiction regarding a virtually unknown compound. This is why CBD 101 has come into effect – to educate the public on this topic as much as possible. Know Your Local Laws

Here is a handy tool for checking on the local laws of your area. Based in Lakewood Colorado, Infinite CBD is fortunate to have local legislation in favor of our business and valued customers. However some states require maneuvering and extra steps for customers to receive CBD

*Click here for an interactive map to check out your local laws regarding cannabis..  

The CBD Industry

As it stands, the CBD industry is playing a waiting game with the government. CBD has been given freedom thanks to states exercising their individual powers. Per federal law, marijuana is still a Schedule 1 drug, meaning that it has been disregarded as a medicine, warning users that it has “a high potential for abuse.” CBD, on the other hand, has not. Because extracted CBD contains less than 0.03% THC, the federal government has not stepped in to halt the products. 

CBD companies will have a major hurdle in the future if the federal government decides to step in and regulate this compound. Business practices, product formulas, marketing strategies and everything else that has made up the CBD industry today will have to be reevaluated. 

Products at Infinite CBD

Infinite CBD is located in Lakewood, Colorado. We are founded on the principle of creating the highest quality CBD products from organic Colorado-grown hemp. To ensure the highest quality products, we extract our CBD oil exclusively from hemp. Additionally, we lab-test each batch of CBD we produce at third party licensed laboratories; we are happy to be transparent with our customers, and always willing to share the purity of our products. 

We understand each member of our community adds CBD to their wellness regimen for a different purpose. This is why we create a variety of CBD products. Not only can you personalize how you would like to deliver CBD to your system based on your unique needs, but also the potency of the product.  

Infinite CBD products can be found in the form of Droppers, Capsules, Gummies, Nano, Topical, and even Pet products

For our plant-based customers, we offer vegan options. Additionally, to further our commitment to sustainability, our Leaping Bunny Certification guarantees cruelty-free CBD product selection. As you continue to learn more about CBD, or even try one of our products, we are eager to hear what you think. Please reach out to our team if you have any questions.

• October 6, 2019