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Clinical Study Results

Zero Evidence Of Liver Toxicity Found In Clinical Study With Infinite CBD

In a clinical study hosted by ValidCare, researchers focused on 839 CBD consuming adults while tracking their liver health over at least 60 days of consecutive use. The study in totality took about 7 months to produce quantifiable data. This information allows us to see the effects that consistent CBD use can have on the liver and liver functionality. The results showed little-to-no variations at all in the liver functions of participants – a triumph for the cannabis community overall.

Co-investigator, Jeff Lombardo, stated “Three of the 839 participants had 3x normal levels of the liver enzyme ALT. These three consumers are taking prescription medications that are known to elevate liver enzymes, and we are investigating whether prescribed medications or other factors contribute to these outliers.” With virtually zero participants showing any variance in liver functionality without the use of medications,

Infinite CBD involvement

Infinite CBD collaborated with other high-profile companies within the industry to bring these results to the general public. As a participant, Infinite CBD was honored to supply their trusted products and be a part of historic research that would help take the industry even further into the future. After all, Infinite CBD has consistently been a company that publicly honors research and development within the cannabis industry. Clearly a clinical study like this can only validate their previous claims even further.

So what happens next?

The FDA has been awaiting the results of many trial studies to begin understanding the nature of cannabidiol, or CBD, as many consumers have come to know. In turn, the country can assume that this kind of information is being collected so that appropriate legislation can be adjusted within the next few years. For cannabis professionals and those seeking alternative medicinals, this news groundbreaking.

Today, the FDA has only approved of a single CBD product. The product is merely a prescription drug intended to treat seizures that are associated with Lennox Gastaut syndrome, Dravet syndrome or tuberous sclerosis complex in people over one year of age. As studies continue to be conducted, the FDA is bound to approve more hemp-based products at the federal level. For now, the industry itself hopes to collect enough data to support FDA decisions moving forward.

Infinite CBD • April 9, 2021