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CBD and Your Mood

CBD and Your Mood

How CBD Affects Your Mood

When it comes to CBD, many of our customers utilize our products to help Elevate, balance and maintain their mood. However, “mood” is pretty arbitrary. Let’s discuss our products so we can understand how they can affect our mood in a positive way over time.

It’s All About the Endocannabinoid System

When it comes to anything cannabis, hemp and marijuana alike, it all comes down to our endocannabinoid system. For those of you just beginning to read Infinite CBD blogs, the endocannabinoids system (or ECS, for short) is the main cannabinoid processing system within our bodies. Simply put, it absorbs, breaks down and distributes the benefits of cannabinoids throughout our body. CBD, our favorite cannabinoid, utilizes the ECS every time you take it!

The ECS, much like a filing system, will send cannabinoids to address imbalances within the body in the hopes of reaching homeostasis. Some customers ask “How can CBD help such a wide range of issues?” The answer is simple – it is BECAUSE they are issues. Our bodies are rather intuitive and able to recognize imbalances of all kinds. Whether the imbalance is pain, dehydration, soreness, or in our brains, the body is absolutely aware when we are not running like a fine-tuned machine. The ECS is able to work well for us with this in mind – it knows exactly where to send cannabinoids for further assistance.

Does CBD Make for a “Better” Mood?

Traditionally, no. But this all depends on the kind of cannabinoid profile we’re referring to! Let’s break down the differences for each.
CBD Isolate: CBD alone (or, in it’s isolated form) does not traditionally produce euphoria or a rush of endorphins. Natural supplements, like CBD isolate, are much better at getting our body to homeostasis – without any psychoactive experiences to have.
Broad Spectrum: This is an extract that may lead the user to feel a bit more euphoric. While the effects won’t be dramatic, broad spectrum CBD contains a plethora of non-psychoactive cannabinoids working together within your body. For some customers, they have reported “feeling” a bit of a difference in comparison to CBD isolate.
Full Spectrum: This type of extract has it all – psychoactive and non-psychoactive cannabinoids alike! When it comes to psychoactive cannabinoids, they will naturally produce euphoria or a rush of endorphins. Granted, the effects would still be fairly mild as the THC presence would still be less than 0.3%.

Whether it is a rush of positive or negative emotions, CBD assists the body with reaching a balance. In turn, that leads to a balanced and manageable mood! For some, this is not helpful. It is widely known that some of us need assistance producing the right chemicals to keep our brains balanced at all times. Please note that CBD and other cannabinoids are not a direct replacement for antidepressants or other mood stabilizing pharmaceuticals.

The Infinite CBD Recommendation

As always, ask your primary care physician when it comes to your health goals. We always recommend discussing natural alternatives with your doctor before diving in on your own. They would know what is best for you and your health journey. Moreover, they may steer you in the right direction!
Another very important thing to remember is to keep to your routine! CBD works subtly in the body as we mentioned above. You’ll need to give it a little time and a consistent schedule to start tracking results! We recommend logging your results each day and reviewing progress every two weeks. From there, you can figure out your perfect amount for your specific health goals.

Infinite CBD • May 7, 2021