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How Long Is CBD In Your System?

Many of our customers have asked, “How long does CBD stay in your system?” For many, this question is asked because of an upcoming or potential drug screening in the future – whether it be for a job or other purposes. Not to mention, many of our customers utilize CBD throughout rehabilitation programs simply because it does not cause psychoactive effects but can help “mellow” an individual.

Answering this question is not at all easy. Many sources show that CBD specifically can stay within the body from between two to five days. However, some individuals may experience much longer than that. At times, it can take months for CBD and/or other cannabinoids to successfully leave the body. Luckily, thanks to our endocannabinoids system, any and all cannabinoids leave the body at nearly the same rate – CBD included. We know that there are unique circumstances when our customers need to know this information. However, it does go against our core recommendations for CBD and effective use.

Why Consistent CBD Shows Results

Normally, we would not recommend to our customers that they totally purge themselves of cannabinoids during their CBD journey. Sure, this may happen naturally if you exercise and forget to include CBD in your routine for a couple days. However, if you want to see success throughout your CBD experience, it is key to ensure your body is regularly exposed to your cannabinoid of choice. This is why we push the “perfect routine” mentality so consistently!

When it comes to your CBD routine, repetition is what will show you results. Acclimating your body and endocannabinoid system to CBD, or your preferred cannabinoid, allows your body to regularly distribute help to the imbalances it can sense throughout you! When you decide to purge yourself of cannabinoids, you lose the progress made and will have to start back at square one.

However, some people have personal and important reasonsings to flush their body of cannabinoids. In this case, let’s focus on how long CBD and other cannabinoids can linger within our bodies after the last usage. Moreover, let’s look at the components that go into whether or not your body tends to hold onto these cannabinoids.

So, how can you tell when CBD has totally left your body?

It All Depends On YOUR Body

As we mentioned earlier, the range of time someone can expect to have CBD officially leave the body is nearly unhelpful for those who need answers. Some individuals can totally detox their body within two days, while those who have been consistently taking cannabinoids will experience a much longer timeline. You should keep in mind that those able to accomplish something like this are likely lightweight, lean, active and fully hydrated. Others may face up to two months to experience the same. These individuals are likely of a bigger build with much less physical activity involved in their routine.

For starters, body fat is a leading factor in this discussion. Cannabinoids, like many other chemical compounds, can exist within the fats in our body for as long as possible. Some of us have more fat than others, meaning that it is probable that cannabinoids will take longer to dissipate in a candidate with more body fat. Luckily, fat is not the only factor leading this conversation.

Water intake and exercise play a huge role in bodily detox and purging of foreign compounds. While CBD is absolutely natural to humans, it is foreign to our bodies by nature as it is not something we can produce on our own – much like Vitamin C! If you regularly exercise and hydrate yourself properly throughout the day, expelling these compounds can be done within a matter of days.

Long Term Uses of Cannabinoids

While tolerance of CBD does not play a role in this conversation, regular use does! Each customer has a unique experience with cannabinoids. Some say it was more powerful in the beginning of their journey and others report needing to use less and less to see results. This feedback is absolutely expected.

It should be mentioned that someone who is lean, reguliary exercises, is well hydrated and has been using CBD on a consistent basis for the past few years may very well need weeks or even months to totally remove cannabinoids from their systems. Consistent use, while very helpful to reach results, can lead cannabinoids to linger much longer in the body after

Long Story Short…

If you keep regular exercise and hydration in your routine, you can expect your body to purge cannabinoids within a couple of weeks. If you don’t care to put much effort in, chances are that you will need a month or two to allow your body to gradually do the same. There’s no shame in your game! However, there are ways to speed up the process if need be.

Infinite CBD • May 13, 2021