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The Importance Sustainable Practices

When it comes to producing world class CBD products, it is important to take into consideration each and every step that we can take to focus on sustainability. Many companies promote refill options and recyclable packaging while some other companies find it appropriate to ignore sustainability in totality. At infinite CBD, we have taken gradual steps to ensure the quality of our products do not change and that we leave a smaller footprint on the world as we continue to improve your quality of life.

Customers have asked us in the past what we can do and what we have done to work towards sustainability. In truth, it is a daunting task to build a company from the bottom up with truly sustainable practices. However with a little research and some extra effort, sustainability is not as difficult as it may seem. We truly want to provide humans with a guilt free product. Naturally, Sustainability becomes part of the conversation.

Sustainable Farming

Farming sounds naturally sustainable on the surface. However there are many harmful farming practices that lead two damaged lands, contaminated soil and products that reflect those efforts. As you can imagine, this directly affects the wellbeing of the surrounding wildlife as well. At Infinite CBD we are very dedicated to sustainable farming. Moreover, we ensure that natural alternatives can be used at each and every juncture. For example, one of our more famous practices is to utilize ladybugs in place of pesticides. Mass producing harmful chemicals to spray over plants in an effort to avoid contamination from insects is not a sustainable practice. The contamination alone from the chemicals will seep deep down into the soil and affect crops for years to come. It’s a simple mistake that takes a great deal of effort to reverse, unfortunately.

When we utilize ladybugs to get the same job done, they make that part of the process extremely sustainable. They reproduce on their own, and we don’t have to rely on a factory producing harmful emissions to give us the pesticides we need. Instead, we trust the bug.

Another thing to consider is the soil itself. When you grow hemp, many of the nutrients within the soil go into the plant throughout the growing process. At Infinite CBD, we ensure that our plants are grown in the same field each and every year. Why is this? Simply put, if we were to alternate plants throughout growth seasons, any plant grown after hemp would not fully come to a bountiful harvest. Let’s take corn as an example! If we were to grow a field of corn after a season of hemp on the same land, the corn would be nearly pathetic if it were even able to grow – and it would take hours of machines to replenish all of the soil with the nutrients that corn would need. Instead we use the same land for the same plants and ensure that we don’t have to do much maintenance. In truth, we let nature do the work. A naturally sustainable approach. 

Sustainable Packaging

This is where companies have the opportunity to put sustainability into the hands of customers. At Infinite CBD, we’ve begun transitioning into glass materials so that they can be put into common recycling areas – as convenient as possible for customers. When it comes to our plastic vessels, we encourage customers on a regular basis to reuse these as much as possible to cut down on waste. Moreover, we’ve ensured that our plastic containers are perfectly safe to put into your recycling bin at home!

Sustainability and Longevity

Truly, sustainability is an attempt to not cause the earth harm while we tend to the sensitive needs of customers. The fact of the matter is that if we keep the earth a healthy and prosperous place, businesses will continue to thrive and better the lives of customers around the world. Keeping an eco-friendly mindset goes a long way for all of us. 


Infinite CBD • March 29, 2021