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Is Nano CBD For Me?

Should You Use Nano CBD?

One of the very first questions our customers ask in regards to nano CBD is “what will nano CBD do for me?” For some, it is an effective tool to enhance your CBD experience. For others, it may not be worth changing up your current CBD routine preferences. One of the first things you should reflect on when considering nano CBD is how well or how poor your results are from your current CBD intake. If you are looking for more than you are currently achieving, it may be time to consider other options, such as nano cannabidiol.

For full clarity, Infinite CBD does not imply that the information we provide should supplement the directives or suggestions of medical professionals. In truth, we highly recommend starting an open dialogue with your primary care physician to discuss what CBD can bring to you and your health goals.

What Is Nano CBD?

We have covered nano CBD in depth in one of our previous blogs titled “Improving Lives With Nanotechnology.“ Just go ahead and click on the link to check it out! We cover the potential benefits, creation process, uses and a full explanation on how it differs from traditional CBD.

A quick summation of nano CBD is that it is a much smaller version of traditional CBD. However, smaller only means more powerful in this scenario. When we take our pure CBD particles and put them through a high-powered, pharmaceutical grade equipment, we are left with much smaller CBD particles, also called nanoparticles. These nanoparticles are absorbed into the body with ease. Not only does this mean that you will literally absorb more CBD, but that CBD is put into effect almost immediately. This is why many customers report that they can feel the effects of nano CBD more than traditional CBD‘s – there is a quick burst when it is almost instantly absorbed into the body. We refer to the ability a substance has to be absorbed into the body as its “bioavailability.” Traditional particles naturally have less bioavailability (approximately 13%) than nanoparticles. However, you already know about the most popular nanoparticles on the pharmaceutical market – Extra Strength Tylenol!

Haven’t you ever wondered what the difference was between normal Tylenol and extra strength Tylenol? The answer is nanoparticles! The same substance broken down into a much more bioavailable state.

Trying Nano CBD

Trying nano CBD is not that different from trying traditional CBD. However, you should note that nano CBD tinctures are water-based and not oil based like our traditional tinctures.

The water-based nature of our Nano Enhancer allows you to mix this powerful tincture into virtually anything you desire. It can even be directly applied to skin if you would prefer! However, we do warn that our Nano Enhancer has a rather bitter taste and is not the most pleasurable experience. Diluted into other liquids, Nano CBD is virtually undetectable.

When trying nano CBD, you should approach it the same way we suggest approaching all CBD products. Simply start and stick to a routine while documenting your experience along the way. Giving your body two week intervals to track progress is optimal and gives each and every product the fair chance to make a positive difference in your lifestyle. These aren’t harsh chemicals made in a lab, scientifically engineered to bring immediate results. When taking a natural path, such as that with cannabis products, we need to listen to our bodies and take time with our self care.

It is also fair to note that all CBD isolate products have a natural reverse tolerance. We have an entire blog on the topic here if you care to check it out, but the general idea is that overtime your body will require less and less CBD isolate to produce the same results. While Nano Enhancer may seem like an investment now, it can help kickstart your body processing CBD on a regular basis.

The Rising Star of Cannabinoids

Nano technology has been on the rise for the past couple of years. It is reshaping how people look at nutrition absorption and how we move forward with this new technology. When it comes to cannabinoids, nano technology has been nothing but outstanding results. Increasing the bioavailability in cannabinoids completely re-shapes the abilities of what this plant can do. Moreover, The isolation and extraction of individual cannabinoids has personalized the cannabis experience overall. Now, people are starting to see specified cannabinoids deliver lasting and meaningful results.

Not to mention, a vast array of Hollywood stars are now catching on to the CBD movement and giving more light to a topic that we so dearly believe in. For Tommy Chong, Nano CBD has been a great experience. For Kim Kardashian, CBD products were the highlight of her baby shower. For each and every person, the experience is unique and worthwhile.

The Infinite CBD Recommendation

As always, we want to remind our outstanding customers that while we do love sharing information with all of you, none of this is intended to supplement an organic and healthy conversation with your primary care physician. Maintaining a relationship with your doctor (or other healthcare professional) starts with full transparency. Doctors are here to help each and every one of us live a long and prosperous life. Having discussions about CBD and other alternatives is very important to ensure that you get information and recommendations that would work best with you.

We would love to be the reason that you started this conversation with your doctor! While we care for each and everyone of you, we are not doctors. Get the conversation going, build a routine and find what works best for you and your health journey. Along the way, we’d love to serve you.

Infinite CBD • June 4, 2021