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Microdosing CBD?

Microdosing Hemp and Cannabis Products

Perfecting your routine can be a long and winding road. Hemp, while it is a cannabis plant, is much different than its counterpart, marijuana. Hence, the approaches will be drastically different. Making progress with your personal health while trying to understand how your body reacts to any cannabinoids can take a lot of time and patience.
Many of our customers have asked us about whether or not they should consider microdosing instead of taking the suggested amount that we provide on our website and packaging. First and foremost, we are not medical professionals at Infinite CBD. Above all, we value knowledge and relaying all information possible to our customers so that they can make an informed decision to support their personal health. With our recommendations, we always suggest consulting with your primary care physician or medical expert before making a change in your routine.
With that being said, let’s explore what microdosing is.

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing is an up-and-coming method of taking smaller amounts of substances more consistently throughout the day while achieving even more impressive effects. As customers and consumers are able to access more and more information, individuals are exercising caution and considering smaller amounts of anything when looking for substances to help them in a specific spot throughout their health journey. Some customers even turn to microdosing because it can save money in the long run!
Microdosing has become increasingly popular with substances that are mind altering, psychoactive or psychedelic. The idea is that if you consume extremely small amounts of anything, the effects will be little-to-none while still producing the benefits for the consumer.

Currently, the medical world is scrambling to find answers regarding whether or not microdosing psychedelics can help patients. Articles, like the one here, shed light on the idea that while this is a work in progress, so far, researchers are finding value in every effort.

Is Microdosing For You?

Unfortunately, we are not able to answer if microdosing is good or bad overall. It strictly depends on the individual, their body, their budget and the amount of patience they are willing to exercise. Every single human body is built differently – meaning we react to different substances in different ways. Moreover, we highly recommend discussing microdosing cannabinoids with your doctor and determining whether or not this may be a solution for you.
While microdosing may be the perfect solution for one of our customers, another may find it to be a waste of their time. Let’s explore the pros and cons of micro dosing and you can determine for yourself whether or not it is something you would like to try.

Pros of Microdosing

1. Better Results: Better results are not guaranteed when you switch to microdosing. However, there is a chance that you may see more positive results while microdosing than you did when taking the higher recommended dosages. Check out a 2012 study on the topic!
2. Mild Effects: While CBD is a naturally non-psychoactive cannabinoid, some customers are very sensitive to tinctures and other cannabis products. When you microdose, the chances of an individual “feeling“ anything are slim to none, making it easy to navigate through daily life with little-to-no change.
3. Save Money: overall, micro dosing will lead to you consuming much less of any given product over the span of a year. For some customers, the savings are inarguable.

Cons of Microdosing

1. A Lot of Patience: If it was not already obvious, there are no right and wrong answers when it comes to microdosing. It will take some significant time to review different amounts of CBD and your results to determine whether or not this is a change worth making. Unfortunately, you probably won’t have this answer until you have experimented with microdosing for a few months.
2. Keeping Products With You: when you consider microdosing, it will involve taking much smaller amounts of CBD more consistently throughout the day. With microdosing, you will need to administer extremely small amounts of your product at least four times a day. Whereas you may only need one or two administrations of CBD when taking average dosages.
3. Loss of Effects: while you make the transition from normal dosing to microdosing, you may notice that you lose any and all the effects that CBD has given you over time. Transitioning from one to the other may not be an enjoyable experience.

So, Should You?

Our recommendation is to move forward on your health journey – making changes that you are comfortable with along the way. If microdosing is something that you think may benefit you in the long run, give it a try and patiently log your results to see if this switch is right for you!

Infinite CBD • June 11, 2021