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This is How The Hemp Plant Could Save The World

Few people know more about hemp than that it is related to cannabis. The fact is, hemp is one of the most sustainable and clean crops that can be grown. This is how hemp could save the world.

Hemp and the FDA

While the FDA has not made an official ruling on hemp one way or the other, there are practices we follow that closely mimic the regulations followed throughout any industry. Compliance and everything and as more and more regulations are built out, our team is ready to lead the movement.

The 2018 Farm Bill is a huge contributor to the movement of hemp and cannabis throughout the American political system. This bill is updated by congress every five years to ensure the country is growing crops to adhere to the needs of their time. Since hemp was in high demand and the government saw no danger in passing farming laws for a non-psychoactive plant, hemp products (specifically CBD) were all thrown onto shelves – almost overnight.

Hemp Decontaminates Unsafe Soil

Throughout history, hemp has been used to decontaminate soil that contains unsafe chemicals, toxins, and pollutants.

In the 1980’s, chemists at the Chernobyl nuclear waste site planted thousands of hemp plants around the site. Known to pull harmful chemicals from the soil, and thereby cleaning it, hemp became a key player in the cleanup following this disaster.

Research continues to show hemp’s potential as a soil decontaminate, which could prove to be useful as the world experiences natural disasters and the need for advances in agricultural areas.

Uses For the Whole Hemp Plant

Whereas there are many crops that can only be eaten, or used in one industry, the whole hemp plant can be used in a variety of industries; think of hemp as the multi-purpose plant! Here are a few ways that the hemp plant can be used:

1.) Hemp Biofuel

The hemp plant can be used to create fuel. Hemp biodiesel comes from pressing hemp seeds and hemp ethanol comes from fermented hemp stalks. In a global oil market that is relatively unsteady, hemp could be the sustainable answer we’ve been searching for as a country.

In 1983, Mercedes Benz released their 300TD model. This station wagon actually ran on fuel made from help! Among a plethora of other reasons, federal regulations were the main stopping point of this project and current laws today have prohibited such mass manufacturing of hemp. Check out the article on this hemp-based vehicle here. 

2.) Hemp Textiles

The textile industry is a constant and ever-present market. The hemp stalk can be used to create industrial canvas, clothing, and paper.

Creating textiles and products from hemp is far more sustainable than using cotton. In fact, 1 acre of hemp can produce as much fiber as 2 or 3 acres of cotton. In addition, rather than tree farming, hemp is a more sustainable option for creating paper products.

3.) Hemp & Housing

Hemp is naturally an incredibly strong and fibrous crop. Now more than ever, hemp is being used in construction. Known as “hempcrete,” building blocks made of hemp act as insulators, regulate moisture, and are very light-weight. The use of hemp on construction sites, or even in water-logged areas could completely revolutionize how and where we build sustainable and strong structures.

4.) Health & Beauty With Hemp

Infinite CBD products, and the pure CBD isolate in each one of them, is derived from the wonderous hemp plant.

Not to mention, hemp is fully capable of producing ample amounts of other cannabinoids as well. This extract, or “broad spectrum” CBD, contains all of the cannabinoids that the hemp plant has to offer. Luckily, hemp plants produce a minute amount of THC, making it nearly impossible to achieve a psychoactive effect from use. Broad spectrum CBD offers a range of benefits for consumers.

Hemp Can Save The World

Hemp can produce and provide us with so many amazing and sustainable products. In addition, it can help us to clean our soil, which is in peril due to climate change and many less than clean industries. With so many uses, it is clear that hemp can save the world.

Versatility is one of the major reasons this plant deserves to have more global recognition and usage. From clothing fibers to “hempcrete,” this plant has proven it’s worth time and time again.

Know Your Local Laws

Here is a handy tool for checking on the local laws of your area. Based in Lakewood Colorado, Infinite CBD is fortunate to have local legislation in favor of our business and valued customers. However some states require maneuvering and extra steps for customers to receive CBD.
*Click here for an interactive map to check out your local laws regarding cannabis and hemp.

• June 22, 2018