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Fake CBD Products: Know Where Your CBD Is Coming From!

As CBD products continue to sprout up across the United States, it’s more important than ever to know where your CBD is coming from. A few weeks ago, the Center for Disease Control issued a statement saying that dozens of people in the state of Utah became ill after ingesting synthetic, or fake CBD products.

CBD is unregulated in Utah, like it is in most states. If you use CBD, learning how to spot fake CBD products is essential.

Where Does My CBD Come From?

Knowing where your CBD comes from is essential to discovering if it is an authentic and pure CBD product. For example, where does the company source its hemp from? While the United States has firm agricultural laws, hemp and cannabis products imported from other countries could be compromised.

Many CBD companies play no role in the oversight of the hemp crop where their CBD products are derived from. Finding a company who actively plays a role in choosing to work with upstanding farmers with safe growing methods means that your CBD products will be pure and chemical free.

Have questions about how Infinite CBD sources its hemp? Ask us!

Can I Read the Test Results of My CBD Products?

When you trust a company with your body, trust a company who is transparent about what is in their products.

Whenever you purchase a CBD product, ask to see the product’s test results or certificates of analysis. If a company doesn’t have them or is unwilling to share them, that is a huge red flag!  These test results tell you how potent a CBD product is, can confirm it’s low levels of THC, and even tell you if there are additives or chemicals in the product. If you’re looking to benefit from consistent and safe CBD products, you need to see the test results.

Infinite CBD happily shares all of our certificates of analysis. Why? Creating CBD products you can trust is of the utmost importance to us. Under our products, you can find and read the full lab-report on the latest batch of CBD isolate.

Does the Company I’m Buying From Do its Own Extraction?

In the world of hemp and cannabis, there are many extraction methods that require less than safe methods. Sometimes, a CBD company may not even do their own CBD extractions. Infinite CBD is proud to do our pure CBD isolate extractions in-house, closely monitoring every set of our unique extraction process. This, along with providing you with our test results, ensure that you are always getting the most consistent and beneficial CBD isolate products.

Protect Your Body, Avoid Fake CBD Products

Using these methods, it is easy to avoid fake CBD products. Rather than putting your health at risk, take these few steps to ensure that you are purchasing and using the highest quality CBD products available.

Infinite CBD offers a wide range of CBD isolate products. Choose a product and delivery method that works best for you, and even choose your terpenes! With Infinite CBD, you can trust that all of our products are lab-test, pure, and of the highest quality.