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About CBD Dabs

As consuming cannabis products has become more mainstream, more users are sharing how they like to consume products. Dabbing is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to consume THC and CBD. Here, you will learn more about CBD dabs, the benefits of dabbing CBD, and Infinite CBD’s Absolute Zero.

How to Dab CBD

Believe it or not, dabbing CBD is just as easy as taking other kinds of dabs. Think about it – you can apply CBD to a hot surface and inhale the vapor.
You need the same materials: A nail, torch, and rig.
To dab CBD, heat the nail. Then, apply a small about of CBD, and take a nice deep breath in.
If can have two different setups if you don’t want to mix THC concentrates with CBD isolate concentrates. If you don’t care, that’s okay too; mixing them won’t mess up anything or compromise your rig.

Benefits of Dabbing CBD

Dabbing, in general, is all about potency. CBD dabs are very potent, just like their THC counterparts.
There are many benefits of dabbing CBD, but the most important is perhaps its ability to provide users with immediate effects. Users are choosing to dab CBD because it gets absorbed into the body almost instantaneous, that’s in one of the cleanest forms possible. Rather than waiting for edible CBD to kick in, or taking something all day, CBD dabs provide effective effects on-demand.

Absolute Zero

Infinite CBD has created a CBD isolate concentrate that’s perfect for CBD dabs. Absolute Zero is one of the purest forms of crystalline CBD isolate available on the market.
This CBD concentrate comes in a variety of sizes (five to be exact), catering first and foremost to the consumer. In addition to being very potent for dabbing, Absolute Zero can be ingested or even added to recipes.
There’s a reason why Absolute Zero is one of the most popular products in the Infinite CBD community. Its quality, potency, and versatility make for an experience that brings individuals coming back for more.

Dabbing CBD with Terpenes

Want to experience even more benefits from dabbing CBD? There are over a dozen terpenes you can add to Absolute Zero.
Dabbing CBD with terpenes can pro-founding effect your experience with CBD dabs. For example, studies demonstrate that terpenes have their own unique impacts on the body like essential oils.
For individualized consumption, add terpenes to your Absolute Zero.

Ready to Try?

Now that you know that CBD dabs aren’t different from THC dabs, they probably feel more approachable. Use the same dabbing methods, and enjoy instantaneous results.
From the variety of CBD effects, you’ll experience, to the ability to add terpenes to your Absolute Zero, expect a one-of-a-kind experience with CBD dabs.

Infinite CBD • May 19, 2019

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  • Hi I just started taking the isolate droppers 500 mg. How do you decide dosage? I have chronic degenerative joint disease, lots of pain. I’m also over weight, depression & beginning stages of Parkinson’s disease. I just get so frustrated with it all. I’m 69 female looking for pain relief & energy. I’m taking 1 dropper of the 500 twice a day I’ve been on it about 10 days & don’t feel a whole lot but not sure. Am I doing it right. I just need some advice & guidance. Thanks.

    • Hi Gail, Thank you for your inquiry! We recommend a starting dose for everyone of 1mg per 10lbs of body weight. For example, if you weigh 140lbs, you would want to start off taking about 14mg of CBD. For our 500mg Isolate Dropper, one drop contains 1mg of CBD. If you did weigh 140lbs and want to achieve the starting dose of 14mg, you would want to take about 14 drops. This is just our starting dose so it is perfectly safe to increase if you feel like you aren’t experiencing enough relief. Feel free to email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (303) 562-1645 with any further questions! Thank you for choosing Infinite CBD!

    • Hi Matthew, Thank you for reaching out! Our products utilize 99% pure CBD Isolate to eliminate THC and the risk of failing a drug test. On each product page, you can find our test results listed to verify no THC.
      Currently, our products are consumed by professional athletes, government employees, military personnel, and more.
      We hope this information was helpful and has answered your question. Please feel free to reach out if you are looking for any additional information!

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