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Product Launch – Meteorite Gummies

Now Introducing – Meteorite Gummies!

We’re welcoming a new addition to the Infinite CBD gummy line! From our original Asteroids to our seasonal apple pie-infused edition, customers have looked for more versatility when it comes to CBD in gummy form! Now, we’re proud to introduce our Meteorite Gummies, available in both CBD isolate and broad spectrum options! Beautifully formulated to fit the needs of day and night, our Energy and Sleep variations are perfect to integrate into your routine with ease.
As always, our goal is to offer you products that enhance your lifestyle without disrupting it. With Meteorites, their simplicity makes them all the more powerful.

For Day and Night

As mentioned, we’ve formulated two variations of Meteorites to fit your needs throughout the day and when you lay down to rest at night. When it comes to a healthy routine, we know the importance of getting a good night’s sleep and starting your day early! Let’s dive into the two different types of Meteorites that we have to offer at Infinite CBD!

Sleep Meteorites

Our first formulation was to help customers ease into a meaningful sleep each and every night without a groggy aftermath. Naturally, We turned to another cannabinoid for assistance – CBN! Cannabinol, or CBN, is one of the cannabinoids found in trace amounts in marijuana plants and found even more abundantly in the hemp plant. CBN has been made popular by its ability to help customers ease and relax before bed. It can act as a natural sedative which is why CBN is not recommended for use until bedtime.

Alongside the 5mg CBN, we’ve included 5mg of CBD and 1.5mg of melatonin per 2 gummies. These amounts may seem small to some, but this makes it all the more easy to personally tailor this experience to the users preferences. Moreover, these ingredients are non-habit forming, making them the perfect gateway to a natural sleep cycle to stick to!

Finally, we landed on Japanese plum as our main flavor for Sleep Meteorites! The European plum (the one we can find at most grocery stores in the U.S.) are extremely sweet and don’t have much of a shelf life. The Japanese plum, however, offers a beautiful balance between tart and sweet, making the flavor experience even more memorable.

Energy Meteorites

Next, we began to formulate our energy-boosting Meteorites! We wanted the experience to feel natural without the need of caffeine. We looked at which vitamins could offer the most amount of energy with little to no evidence of an oncoming “crash.” For every two Energy Meteorites, we’ve included 500mcg B12, 25mg L-Theanine and 35mg Tyrosine. Of course, we’ve also included 5mg of our perfectly pure CBD extract!

The serving sizes and opportunists are the same with these two gummies.One difference is our inclusion of all-natural cherry/peach flavoring! The ingredients in our Energy Meteorites are bound to give you the boost you need to make the most of your day. B12 works within the body to help with red blood cell formation while improving your mood! Not to mention, it allows the body to have more energy. Next is L-Theanine, which not only supports stress relief but helps increase focus throughout the day. Tyrosine is our final key ingredient, helping the body produce enzymes and neurotransmitters that can help our cells communicate with one another while helping conserve energy!

What Makes These Different from Asteroid Gummies?

The evolution of gummies at Infinite CBD has come a long way. We have continuously learned about the cannabis experience through extensive research and customer testimonials to find out how we can craft products that fit the needs of each and every customer. We absolutely stand by our tried and true Asteroid Gummy line – as do many of our customers! However, Meteorites offer a more specific and personalized experience thanks to their low qualities per gummy and active ingredients!

Asteroid Gummies include our pure CBD extract, whether it be isolate or broad spectrum. For those looking to simply add CBD into their routine, these are a delicious option. However, Meteorites have specific use cases for energy and sleep needs. With these in mind, we knew customers would love to try something new for problems we know they face on a daily basis.

Customer Reviews

Tasha L. – Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
“Meteorite Gummies out of this World. These gummies are great because they come in a larger quantity and the merge of CBD and Melatonin is perfect for rest without feeling groggy the next day.”

Rhonda L. – Verified Buyer
4.0 star rating
“I have tried the PM Gummies and found them very helpful. I take 2 at night, an hour before bed and it has improved my sleep, which is a blessing. I have tried several of the Infinite CBD products and love them.”

Julia S. – Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
“I got these gummies for my parents and they love them. They are in their 80s and they say that the gummies help them fall asleep. I take them myself. I loved the deal that I got in this jar!”

Infinite CBD • July 30, 2021