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Celebrate Yoga Awareness Month By Incorporating CBD Into Your Yoga Practice

Yoga–a timeless, peaceful, and spiritual practice that appeals to people worldwide. Yoga is not only special because it has existed for thousands of years, but also because there are many forms of it that can suit nearly anyone. Instead of going hard at the gym time and time again, yoga can serve as a helpful outlet for exercising, staying in tune with your breathing, and being in the present moment. What if yoga could be combined with something else to help yogis even more? If your mind wandered to cannabis or CBD after reading that question, you are right on. Stick around to learn more about yoga awareness month, how to celebrate it, and the many benefits that can arise from combining CBD with your yoga practice.

Yoga–A Recently Growing Trend for Boosting One’s Well-being

Aside from yoga itself becoming more popular, there have also been increases in yoga studio openings and yoga retailers in North America such as Acroyoga. Let’s not forget about the steady rise in yoga teachers and practitioners. Just like there are millions of yogis, there are millions of yoga instructors who strive to teach/guide others. According to a recent survey conducted by Yoga Alliance and Yoga Journal, in 2016, there were 36.7 million American yoga practitioners. This number increased from 20.4 million in 2012.

Celebrating Yoga Awareness Month

One way to recognize, honor, and celebrate adult and child yogis is to celebrate yoga awareness month. Yoga awareness month takes place each September. It is a way to acknowledge the value yoga can bring to people’s lives. Yoga Awareness month also offers an opportunity to participate in a yoga flow while being in the present moment. If you have done yoga before, what are your reasons for doing it? Is it to gain flexibility and improved balance? Is it an outlet for you to release stress and anxiety? Or, does it help ground yourself in the busy society we all live in?

According to the same yoga survey, these are the top reasons why people started yoga: to gain flexibility, achieve stress relief, general fitness option, improve overall health, and to help achieve physical fitness goals. In addition to working towards these goals, what if CBD was incorporated into the mix?

So far, CBD has been deemed a non-psychoactive, non-toxic, non-addictive, and safe substance. Nowadays, it is becoming more acceptable for people to pair CBD with their yoga practice. So, what are three reasons to combine CBD with yoga, especially during yoga awareness month?

• September 1, 2019