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Apple Pie Gummies Are Back!

That’s right! Apple Pie Asteroids gummies are back in stock for the 2020 holiday season! Better than ever, our vegan and all natural formulation offers you all the flavors of fall with none of the guilt. Made with real apple cider and packed with 25 mg of CBD, we know that the third year of apple pie gummies will be the best in Infinite CBD history! This year, Infinite CBD made the decision to offer Apple Pie Asteroids in both CBD isolate and broad-spectrum options. As customers continued pouring in positive feedback about their broad-spectrum experiences, we knew that there was a place for an array of cannabinoids with the 2020 line of Apple Pie Asteroids Gummies!

Choosing between CBD isolate and broad spectrum is totally up to you, the customer! While CBD isolate has shown to be a true staple of the Infinite CBD product line, broad-spectrum offers more cannabinoids for the cannabis connoisseur. There is no right or wrong when both options are perfectly formulated to improve your quality of life. 

Nothing compares to this seasonal delight. For the past two years, customers have raved about how delicious and exceptional these holiday gummies are. Not only do these make the perfect gift for someone interested in trying CBD, they also allow you to improve your quality of life with all natural and locally sourced ingredients right here in sunny Colorado.

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Big B’s Orchard

Once again, we are partnering with a local orchard dedicated to bringing friends and family together during the fall season. Full of opportunities to take pictures, pick pumpkins, take home fresh produce, eat, play and enjoy the fall weather, Big B’s continues to remind us that they are one of the most wholesome partners to have during this time of year.

The apple cider at big B’s orchard is, without a doubt, the best Colorado has to offer. Our entire team was more than excited to hear that we would be utilizing their formula in our CBD gummies. Naturally, customers expressed their excitement and gratitude when finding out that not only with their gummies be full of local and organic CBD, but the crisp apple cider from Big B’s as well. Truly, you can taste the care that they put into their recipe.

Monthly Holiday Promotions

The fun only continues for the next three months!

October “Rotten Apple” Bags

For the duration of October, lucky recipients will receive a bag of our exclusive “Rotten Apple” Asteroid Gummies! Don’t worry, these are in no way rotten. Instead, we’ve made them a spooky green color to give you the feeling of Halloween treats and tricks! Not only will recipients get the extra bag of gummies, but they will be given a $25 gift card to spend at the Infinite CBD store. This can be used on more apple pie Asteroids or any item of your choosing!

If you are one of the lucky recipients of our “Rotten Apple” Asteroid Gummies, contact customer service to receive your free $25 store credit! Enter to win by ordering one or more bags of Apple Pie Asteroids!

However, the fun doesn’t stop there. In November and December we will be offering two new exclusive offers for customers. Without giving too much away, we know customers will love the chance to win!

Give Back in November

Next month, it’s all about giving back. Going with the theme of “giving thanks,” Infinite CBD will be basing our promotions on charitable causes. This year, we will be partnering with Weed for Warriors to make this a reality. 

For every 2 bags of Apple Pie Asteroids that we sell, we will be donating a bottle of CBD tincture to a veteran! We know what our products can do for those who gave up so much for us. It’s up to us to give back when we can. 

Naughty or Nice December

Are you naughty or nice? This December, we will be granting treats to those naughty and nice. Without giving too much away, our nice customers will receive a free gift! On the other hand, customers deemed naughty will receive… a surprise. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure naughty and nice alike will be winners! 

Why Apple Pie Asteroids?

The choice is clear! For those who want to put a fun holiday twist on their CBD intake, Apple Pie Asteroids are a must. Vegan, cruelty-free, all natural and locally sourced? Perfection. For those who haven’t had the chance to try Apple Pie Asteroids in previous years, now is your chance to experience all the flavors of fall in a single bite!

Infinite CBD • October 23, 2020