Apple Pie Asteroid Gummies

Limited edition fall flavor

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Using the same delicious Asteroids recipe, Apple Pie Asteroids offer 25 mg of delicious tasting CBD. Offer your customers a delicious fall flavor while helping restore your their health. During the busy holiday season, get a little help from our friend, CBD. Eat an Apple Pie Asteroid, CBD Gummy to naturally stimulate your customers bodies to get through the lines at the mall, long holiday parties, or crowded festivals. Apple Pie Asteroids can easily be stashed in your purse, backpack or car for on-the-go access to CBD. “Locally sourced apple cider from Big B’s Orchard and Fruit Company in Hotchkiss, Colorado.”

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How To Use

Consume one Asteroid as needed. Cut your CBD gummy into smaller pieces for reduced serving-sizes.

Key Ingredients

Pectin: Your diet shouldn’t limit how you consume CBD.
Apple Cider: Made with real apple cider for a taste you can’t resist.

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