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How Much CBD Should You Take?

In an ever-growing industry it can be tricky to keep up with the news and norms. Our team at Infinite CBD wants to be a major resource for everything CBD – especially education.

One of the major questions our team receives is “how much CBD should I take?” While this may seem like a simple question, there are many factors that go into making this decision. While we have formulated a good starting point to answer this question, it is truly important to include all variables when weighing your options. Below, we will walk through each and every point to be considered during the beginning of your CBD journey.

A friendly FDA reminder: The following content has not been reviewed or approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Consult with your doctor to see if CBD is right for you and your goals. Or, feel free to review this recommendation with a licensed practitioner!

How to Take CBD

This is a broad topic and based on individual preference and need. The major thing to remember is that every product, topical, sublingual or otherwise is going to gradually balance your endocannabinoid system (ECS). Much like your nervous system, the ECS has a part to play in every piece of your body. When balanced, your body is able to reach a state of homoeostasis and help fight and prevent problems in the future.

Figuring out which CBD product would work best for customers only takes a few moments of contemplation. First and foremost, consumers must identify their goals and move forward accordingly.

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Topical Application

For customers focusing on a problem area, whether it be skin or muscle/joint related, topical products would be the first to consider. When applying CBD topically you’re able to address the situation head-on. Your skin is able to absorb the CBD and other natural ingredients.

Even better, this method is also slowly balancing your endocannabinoid system.

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What are your CBD goals?

Performance goals are another factor to consider. What are you looking for out of your CBD products?

For those, capsules and CBD shots are available to choose between. For those who prefer the supplement experience, A.M. (CBD + 100mg caffeine) and P.M. (CBD + 3mg melatonin) capsules can easily be taken alongside your morning or evening vitamin routine. If consumers are looking for a faster boost, Infinite CBD offers Nano Energy and Rest Shots – each utilizing nanotechnology for fast results.

Looking for something a bit more tasty? Be on the lookout for our new B12 Broad Spectrum Asteroids!

If your goals revolve around something internal or basic general wellness, choosing between Asteroid Gummies, Isolate Droppers, Sweetened Droppers, Absolute Zero and Isolate Capsules is all up to user preference. Considering your current routines and adding CBD where it is convenient would be our team’s recommendation.

Looking for truly catered results?

Terpene Droppers utilize pure CBD isolate and natural terpene profiles to offer consumers strain-specific effects. The Terpene Droppers available are:

  • Blueberry: Overall therapeutic effects come quickly with this strain. Relax and unwind with ease when taking Blueberry Terpene Dropper.
  • Charlotte’s Web: A great profile for full enhancement. Pain, inflammation and loss of appetite can be addressed with this terpene profile.
  • Harlequin: Known to elevate and balance mood. This strain harnesses versatility as it is ideal for day or night consumption.
  • Mango Kush: An uplifting terpene profile. High in myrcene, this choice is great for relaxing. Mango Kush provides consumers with a happy mood and relaxed body.
  • Pineapple Express: This terpene provides an energetic feeling to improve mood. A perfect choice for errands or an adventure.

How Much CBD?

At Infinite CBD, we have based every move on the customer experience. This means studying testimonials, reviews, competitors experiences, customer surveys and the feedback of new and innovative products. After reviewing what we have available, we move forward with plans. This is the same process we followed to formulate our suggested amount of CBD for new customers.

Our “rule of thumb” is to consider 1mg of CBD per 10lbs of body weight. So, if a person is 200lbs, we would suggest starting at 20mgs a day. This may not be your final daily use amount, but is intended as a good starting point for you to add or reduce daily intake based on how you feel after taking this starting amount.

Truthfully, the CBD experience is unique to every consumer. We have received positive feedback from customers that tried half of our recommended amounts and others who have reported no results using much more than the amount suggested.

It all comes down to patience and detailed tracking.

How to track your CBD intake

Have you ever kept a dream journal? If you have, you may remember how difficult it can be to collect your thoughts just after waking up to record whatever your mind came up with that night. Well, keeping track of your CBD journey can hit the same arbitrary speedbumps. When tracking your CBD use, it will take time and patience to truly recognize your ongoing trends.

Our usage tracker suggestion is to start with one method of CBD daily for 2 weeks. From here you will have a simplified idea on how you’re feeling after starting at our lowest suggestion. However, you may be part of the lucky who are able to recognize the potential of hemp much sooner in the process.

After these first two weeks, consider which improvements you would like to make if need be. Could you be taking it twice a day? If not, would you increase your amounts? It is truly up to customers to determine whether they want to increase the amount they’re taking or start taking it twice daily. From there, allow another two weeks for recorded results and make improvements as necessary.

CBD Overdose and Side Effects

Simply put, “overdosing” on CBD is unrealistic. Research has shown that this would take serious effort and a nearly impossible consumption rate to reach a state of “overdose.”

Many scientists have tried to formulate what it may take to “overdose” on this cannabinoid, but it would take hundreds of thousands of milligrams for a consumer to experience negative effects. In short, It would cost a fortune to even attempt an “overdose” of cannabinoids.

However, some customers do experience stomach aches or nausea after taking mass amounts of CBD, but this is due to the fatty substance that CBD must be bound to in order to retain the chemical structure. It is not the cannabidiol that is churning your stomach, it is the amount of carrier oil you’ve consumed.

Did this article help you with identifying your ideal CBD amount? Have questions that weren’t answered? Leave us a comment asking us what else you would like to know and we will get back to you and update this article.

Infinite CBD • July 6, 2020