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CBD negative side effects.

Does CBD Have Negative Side Effects—Myth or Reality?

Although CBD has many positives, there is a balance. Some people experience negative side effects from consuming the cannabinoid. Whereas, many people do not experience any adverse side effects whatsoever. What can you expect from taking CBD? What kind of side effects should you prepare for?

Significance of Proper CBD Dosing and Experimentation

As with other health and wellness products, many people consume CBD to feel better. There are also situations in which people consume CBD to improve their lives. When first trying CBD, it is suggested to start at a low servings, and slowly increase as need be. Your body must get used to CBD first. From there, you can observe how you feel after taking a specific CBD dose.
No matter what health and wellness product is taken, if it is the first time consuming it, there is a possibility of side effects occurring. This applies to CBD too. For many people, CBD delivers little to no adverse side effects. However, everyone’s body and genetic make-up is different. Therefore, it can be hard to predict how you will react to CBD until you try it.

When Consuming CBD, Negative Side Effects May Occur

Sometimes, CBD consumption delivers unexpected effects. Overall, CBD’s side effects vary from person to person. For example, one person may experience CBD negative side effects in the form of diarrhea or an upset stomach. Whereas, someone else may feel CBD negative side effects via drowsiness, fatigue, or light-headedness.
Thus far, various studies have been conducted on CBD and its side effects (positive and negative). Out of all possible CBD negative side effects, the most reported ones in a recent study include the following: fatigue, diarrhea, weight changes, and appetite changes. As compared to many other pharmaceutical medications though, CBD is known to have a better side effect profile.

Research Findings About CBD Negative Side Effects

Furthermore, several studies have focused on CBD and its potential side effects. In particular, one study that focused on studying obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and CBD in mice revealed some interesting findings. There were no reported side effects from using CBD for OCD. This also means that from consuming CBD, negative side effects were not reported.
Surprisingly, back in the 1970s, it was revealed that consuming CBD did not result in adverse side effects. Not much has changed since then regarding CBD negative side effects. Overall, CBD’s safety profile has been established and made public by the World Health Organization. This cannabinoid has also been deemed as a safe, non-toxic, non-addictive, and non-psychoactive substance.
After consuming CBD, negative side effects do not always occur. It is possible though. Have you ever experienced negative side effects from CBD? If so, what were they, and how did you deal with them?


    • Hello Eric,
      This is a great question! Since CBD has body relaxation effects and is non psychoactive it may balance the paranoia from the THC. It is hard to determine exactly since every individual is different. There are reports that CBD does help with paranoia and there are also some reports that it did not have any effect on the individual for this. How you consume CBD may have a something to do with helping counteract any negative side effects as well! Thank you for your inquiry and we hope to hear from you again soon!

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