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Hemp CBD vs. Marijuana CBD; what is the difference?

Hemp CBD vs. Marijuana CBD; What’s the Difference?

There has been much controversy on the effects of hemp CBD vs. marijuana CBD. Project CBD suggests to people who are looking to use CBD oil, to use whole plant cannabis for its safety profile.

On the other hand, Franjo Grotenhermen of the International Association of Cannabinoid Medicines, describes the compound as “CBD is CBD”.

It is important to know the difference between which plant your CBD is coming from. Companies utilize CBD from both industrial hemp and marijuana, depending on the laws and regulations that are set in place.

If people do not live in an area with legal medical marijuana regulations, hemp-derived CBD is a proposed alternative.

In some cases, a combination of CBD and high THC might be necessary to find help of a condition. This all has to do with the Entourage Effect. In short, this is when cannabinoids interact with each other to produce unique outcomes for users. For example, many cannabis users find that adding CBD to their THC helps boost the effects. Others utilize CBD mixed with terpenes to ensure the effects are specified.

Hemp CBD vs. Marijuana CBD; CBD and THC

Physical differences are noticeable upon first glance but what is within the plant distinguishes between hemp and marijuana.

Both industrial hemp and marijuana are of the same plant species; Cannabis sativa L. The main difference between the two plants is the amount of THC that is within, which in turn relates to their psychoactive properties.

According to the Colorado Law; cannabis with levels of THC .3 percent or lower is considered hemp, anything above .3% is marijuana. With such low levels of THC within hemp plants, their properties provide minimal psychoactive effects, if any, to the consumer.

Both cannabinoids, along with many others, contribute to the entourage effect. Cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenoids work together to provide specific effects. Many users rely on the entourage effect to ensure they are truly working toward their specific goals.

At Infinite CBD we combine our industrial hemp-derived CBD isolate with cannabis terpenes to fully capture how individual compounds work better together. Terpenes are basically the personality of any plant – containing flavors, scents and other defining characteristics. Each plant produces a terpene profile that we can extract and apply to CBD to create an entirely new product.

Hemp CBD vs. Marijuana CBD; CBD is CBD

How does CBD derived from hemp differ from that of a marijuana plant? Is there a difference between CBD from a cannabis strain with high CBD; low THC ratios and low CBD; high THC ratios? If you ask Franjo Grotenhermen from the International Association of Cannabinoid Medicines, he will say; “CBD is CBD. The body does not care where the molecule comes from.”

Ultimately, the cannabidiol molecule is going to be the same no matter what type of cannabis plant it came from. Consider 2 families that purchase the same lawnmower. While both families are very different, each with their own pets and houses, the lawnmower itself remains the same. This mentality can be applied to when you have CBD from one plant or the other.
CBD molecule; hemp CBD vs. marijuana CBD.
It has become a popular misconception that CBD derived from marijuana has better effects than if derived from a hemp plant.

Since so little CBD is found within the marijuana plant, it raises contamination risk due to hemp being a bioaccumulator, collecting toxins from the soil. This is why Infinite CBD runs lab tests throughout the process to ensure that our product is completely pure from beginning to end. It is our main goal, as a company, to bring the best quality CBD products to the market. Therefore, we take the proper steps to make sure our CBD isolate does not contain any contaminants.

Hemp-Derived CBD

  • Extremely low THC levels with high CBD
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Easily obtained through online purchases

Marijuana-Derived CBD

  • High THC levels in combination with low or high CBD
  • A wide variety of cannabis strains with varying percentages and cannabinoids
  • Only legal in a handful of states

• June 29, 2017