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Coconut Oil Makes Products More Bioavailable

Users around the world are utilizing CBD. That being said, very few understand the mechanisms that allow our bodies to process and utilize CBD to its fullest potential. In fact, CBD cannot work all of its magic alone. Coconut oil makes Infinite CBD products more bioavailable, ensuring you benefit from all of CBD’s amazing benefits.

What Does Bioavailable Mean?

When you consume pharmaceutical medications, over-the-counter supplements, and CBD, not all of it is being absorbed by the body. Oftentimes, only 20%-50% is actually being processed by the body.

According to the Pharmacology Education Project, there are obstacles that can prevent a medication or nutrient from being absorbed. For example, bioavailability can be impacted by the presence of a variety of organisms or bacterias along the digestive tract, the presence of other medications in the body, or the amount of food in the stomach. Due to all of these factors, the bioavailability of something is increasingly important if you hope to maximize the effect it has on your body.

If something is bioavailable, it means that more of it is able to be processed and utilized by the body. Using biological mechanisms, certain types of fats are a catalyst for nutrient processing and absorption in the body – coconut oil being one of them.

Why Does Coconut Make Things More Bioavailable?

Contrary to popular opinion, coconut oil isn’t some fad that people everywhere have adopted. It is truly an amazing oil.

Coconut oil is a medium-chain triglyceride, which is also known as MCT oil. These types of oils are unique because are more easily digested by the human body. While some fats are harder to process and remain in the body as fats, MCT is metabolized quickly and actually promotes the absorption of other nutrients throughout the digestive tract.

Numerous studies explore MCT oil (or coconut oil’s) ability to make other nutrients bioavailable. In fact, it seems as though coconut oil makes just about everything more bioavailable, including CBD.

Coconut Oil Has Many Other Functions

In addition to making numerous nutrients more bioavailable, coconut oil also has many other functions. Coconut oil has been known to have beneficial effects topically and internally.

Topically, coconut oil is often used on the skin and hair. Known to treat numerous skin conditions, and general dry skin, coconut oil is often a go-to moisturizer for massage therapists and those practicing holistic medicine. Oftentimes, coconut oil is also used to condition the hair and can help to repair split ends.

Internally, coconut oil has many metabolic benefits. Those practicing a health or fitness regime often turn to coconut oil, as it has been found to aid with weight loss. While turning to an oil may not be the first health practice you’d think to turn to, it has proven otherwise.

Coconut Oil Makes Infinite CBD Products More Bioavailable

Coconut oil is in many Infinite CBD products due to its ability to make CBD isolate more bioavailable. While CBD is an incredibly powerful cannabinoid on its own, users aren’t able to absorb all of its nutrients. Coconut oil makes Infinite CBD products more bioavailable. This helps to ensure that you can experience and potential benefits from all that CBD isolate products have to offer.


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