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Can You Take CBD on the plane?

Can You Take CBD On a Plane?

Whether you travel regularly for business, pleasure, or for the holidays, it’s nice to know what you can take on the airplane. Many people take CBD because they find it beneficial to their lifestyle, so traveling with it is necessary. Can you take CBD on the plane? Let’s find out before you go to the airport.

Is Traveling with CBD Legal?

In short, yes.
While airports are under federal jurisdiction and officially standby their stance on traveling with THC, CBD is safe. CBD is derived from the hemp plant, which from a federal perspective is 100% legal. As a passenger, you have every right to travel with and take CBD on a plane.
If you rely on CBD for daily or as-needed relief, having the ability to travel with CBD can make the entire travel process easier.

Following TSA Guidelines

While you can take CBD on a plane, it’s important to follow the TSA’s travel guidelines. Oftentimes, perfectly legal items are confiscated because they are in packaging that is too large.
According to the TSA’s Liquids Rule, substances and liquids must be in a container no larger than 3.4 ounces. This container must also be carried in a quart-sized clear plastic bag.
As we’re sure you’ve all experienced, TSA agents will not budge on this rule. We’ve all had to trash shampoo because the container was too big. Don’t make the same mistake with your CBD.

Know Your CBD Products

While many people are familiar with CBD products, not everyone will be. Before traveling with CBD, read over the label on your CBD products. This helps you to anticipate any questions that airport security may have about your CBD. For obvious reasons, make sure your products say “Contains no THC,” or doesn’t mention THC at all.
Having CBD isolate products makes this process even easier. There’s no mention of THC or psychoactive effects on the label because CBD isolate products contains no THC whatsoever.

Why You Should Always Travel with CBD

Not only can you take CBD on a plane, but you should – CBD is an amazing travel companion.
Many individuals have a fear of flying, or experience stress when traveling or navigating airports. To calm travel-day anxiety, CBD is an excellent option. Sitting on an airplane also puts your body under a considerable amount of stress. You can experience muscle stiffness and are exposed to a variety of unfamiliar germs. Due to the endocannabinoid system, CBD is also able to boost the immune system with its antioxidant properties.

Take CBD On The Plane!

Yes, you can take CBD on the plane. In fact, CBD is a fantastic travel companion due to its ability to aid in travels.
Infinite CBD has created dozens of CBD isolate products that are TSA and travel-friendly. You can find all of our products, with their container sizes, here.

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