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3 Ways to Identify Pure High-Quality CBD Products

There are hundreds of CBD companies, all promising you that their product is “the best.” Quite frankly, this is false.

The cannabis industry is forever changing and growing to meet consumer needs. Interestingly enough, the CBD industry is able to watch the cannabis industry overall to catch onto different trends and legal proceedings to determine what may or may not work in the future. As the industry works to understand what is expected and possible, customers find themselves even more-so confused.

Always Keep This in Mind

Transparency. This is key when shopping for CBD products and choosing between brands. If a beautiful products is only paired with selling points or fancy packaging without any science to back it up, leave it alone. Too many companies prey on those who are not formally educated on CBD products simply for the sake of selling a product. Not to mention, CBD is not the cheapest product to purchase. Before you waste a substantial amount of money on a product that may not be best suited for you, look into the company and see what information they have readily available for customers.

Choosing the best company and products requires an overall understanding of CBD production, the market, and recognizing red flags. Here are 3 ways to identify pure high-quality CBD products.

3 Steps to Identify Pure CBD products

1.) What is the Source of Their CBD?

When buying a quality product, one of the first things consumers should ask themselves is, “where is this CBD being sourced from?”
If CBD brands aren’t being forthcoming about where their CBD is coming from, that’s a red flag.

At Infinite CBD, we remain transparent. Our CBD Isolate is sourced from hemp cultivated by local hemp farms. These hemp plants are tested to ensure potent, clean, and safe CBD products. Working directly with certified hemp growers in CO allows us to establish quality relationships to get the best quality hemp.

2.) Are These CBD Products Lab-Tested?

As a consumer, you have the right to known exactly what is going into your body at all times. Unfortunately, some CBD companies don’t think so. If a CBD company doesn’t share the lab results of their products or is reluctant to share them with you, walk away. High-quality CBD products are the only ones worth purchasing.

Additionally, lab testing will reveal if there are any pollutants or solvents left after the extraction. Unfortunately these can be harmful to your health.

Infinite CBD always shares lab results. Our customers come first here at Infinite CBD. Every batch of our CBD Isolate is lab-tested.

We do this to be transparent, and to show that we are creating the safest, cleanest, purest CBD products. To view each lab result, click the “Lab Reports” button on each product page.

3.) Do They Offer A Variety of Products For My Specific Needs?

If you’ve found a company that sources their products from high-quality hemp AND shares their lab-tests with you, do they offer the products YOU need?

Moreover, few CBD companies cater to the needs of all of this customers.

Infinite CBD offers an array of high-quality CBD products. We recognize the diverse needs of our clientele, which is why we offer many unique products, all containing the same pure high-quality CBD Isolate. In addition to our unique products, many of our CBD products come in a variety of terpene profiles, allowing you to further customize your needs.

Understanding that our customers have different needs is our specialty, which is why we work diligently to create new products and add more terpene profiles to our arsenal regularly.

4.) Is it Legal to Purchase Cannabis Products in My Hometown?

This is a major point to look into before shopping for CBD. Here’s the thing – the FDA has no made a ruling on CBD in favor or in opposition. This leaves a gray area for store owners and states to determine whether or not they are comfortable putting CBD or any other cannabis-derived product on the market.

We know far too well how tedious a task like this can be. For starters, there are easy tools to review your local laws (like the one we have linked below. Moreover, we have a store finder that can help you find stores that openly sell Infinite CBD products.

*Click here for an interactive map to check out your local laws regarding cannabis and hemp.

5.) What Are the Customers Saying?

Presumably, we all do this before online shopping. But there are a few helpful tips we have that may change your experience overall!

First, customer reviews on the website can be edited. In our own experience, Infinite CBD has had to remove some truly amazing reviews and customer testimonials. This is simply due to the FDA and their stance on hep-derived anything. If we have a review online that directly states “CBD did ‘this'” or “CBD fixed ‘that’,” we cannot allow them on the website. Why? Because everything on our page is an endorsement. If we endorse the abilities of CBD, the FDA is quick to make sure we remove it.

Don’t blame the FDA, either. They work every day to make sure that products offered to consumers are safe and worth their blessing. The more time it takes for them to make a ruling on CBD, the more research they have done to validate their decision. At Infinite CBD, we’re proud to promote any efforts to educate and research the topic of CBD.

Now, consider this for those practicing unethical sales. Many companies will remove negative comments or reviews to help boost their product in searches. Our advice? Go to Google reviews. These cannot be manipulated easily. They also help show the disparities between what a company promotes and what is truly available online.

Infinite CBD Offers Pure High-Quality CBD Products

Knowing the source of CBD products, seeing their lab tests, and offering a variety of consumption methods are 3 ways to identify pure high-quality CBD products. Luckily, when searching for the best CBD products to fit your needs, you don’t have to look very far. You can find all Infinite CBD products here.

If you have any questions about our sourcing, lab-tests, or products, please reach out to us. Moreover, our Customer Service team understands our products inside and out. They are the easiest and friendliest group to work with when trying to figure out which products would best fit an individuals situation.

• February 27, 2018