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Top CBD Product Types

When it comes to creating your CBD routine, things can get tricky. The CBD market has products that range from vapes to lotions, making the decision that much more hectic. Our rule of thumb – check out product reviews.

In our shop, we’ve sectioned off an entire collection of our most popular products so that you can have an easy place to start! Let’s go over our customer favorites so you can see which might fit you and your health goals most appropriately.

CBD Droppers

Some of you may be familiar with the word “tincture” for this category. However, there’s no wonder why CBD tincture makes it to the top of this list. Our original formulation is virtually tasteless, making the experience as breezy as humanly possible. There are only two ingredients in our droppers. The first is either our pure broad spectrum CBD or isolate, depending on your preferences. Then we utilize MCT as our carrier oil so that it can bring added benefit to our consumers. When it comes to our Sweetened Droppers, they follow the same formula with added natural flavoring to make the experience that much more enjoyable. For cannabis enthusiasts or for those looking for specified results, our Terpene Droppers include cannabis-derived terpene profiles for added effects of your choosing.

Tinctures are unique in the fact that we can choose to make a formulation that is highly concentrated or mildly concentrated – whichever works best for the customer. In our store, we offer a wide variety ranging from 250mg to 5000mg.

Who is this product for? Droppers are perfect for beginners thanks to the variety and tastelessness of our original formula. The versatility alone allows you to mix it into virtually anything. On the other hand, experienced cannabis enthusiasts may find that our flavored and terpene-enhanced tinctures truly reimagine the CBD experience.

What can I expect? Droppers work through your body to gradually bring an improvement in your quality of life. We recommend giving these a try and logging your daily results. Some customers have measurable experiences on their first day, while others find themself with lasting results after consistent use. It all depends on your personal situation and willingness to incorporate it into our daily routine.

CBD Gummies

Vegan, all natural, cruelty free, and made from scratch in Colorado. We take great pride in our gummy formulation and in the experiences we’re able to bring to our customers with this product. As you can imagine, people can tend to be a little hesitant entering the cannabis space for the first time. While the hesitation is understandable, these gummies truly help bring people out of their shell. They help show how fun and uplisting the CBD experience can be!

At Infinite CBD, we offer a handful of gummy variations. Some formulated on utility and others simply for the experience. Nevertheless, you’re sure to find a variation that works perfectly for you.

Who is this product for? Our Asteroid Gummies are perfect for someone who wants an easy way to get a quick snack in while focusing on their daily tasks. Perfect for those who are on the move, but have a little sweet tooth. B12 Asteroids are perfect for someone needing an extra boost throughout the day from natural vitamins. Other options include CBD isolate gummies and broad spectrum gummies, each available in an assorted flavor pack.

What can I expect? You can expect an explosion of outstanding flavor from a gummy you can put your faith into. It’s true, these are a customer favorite by far. As an edible product, your body absorbs the CBD within an hour or so after consuming. Some customers report longer and shorter experiences, so it truly depends on the individual. Eating a meal before hand also gives the CBD an easier and more effective path to absorption.

You should see the Infinite CBD offices pre-COVID. Everyone has a pack of gummies at their disposal.

CBD Capsules

Our capsule formulations are super simplified and effective. Not to mention, the only effort you would need to put into this product is a sip of water. Capsules are perfectly portioned amounts of pure CBD isolate powder alongside a powdered coconut oil for the added benefit to our customers. Traditionally speaking, coconut oil is known to fuel the body and mind. Three variations have been created to ensure that this product fits into your routine anytime, day and night.

First is our original Isolate Capsules, as practical as they are pure. Offered in quantities of 30, 50 or 100ct, you’ll be able to cater this product to your routine needs with ease. Customers have the option to purchase capsules that contain 10, 25 or 100mg of pure CBD isolate. Then come the two variable products, A.M. and P.M. Capsules! The A.M. Capsules feature 100mg of caffeine in each, making them the perfect way to start your day without having to worry about the crash. Then, our P.M. Capsules each have 3mg of melatonin, helping your body and mind ease it’s way to sleep at night.

Who is this product for? If you have a vitamin routine already, this will be the perfect addition for you. It’s simplistic and nothing you aren’t already used to. On the flipside, many customers would simply rather take their CBD in pill form at whatever time of day. Capsules are perfect for the person who wants the most simplified and mindless way to get your daily CBD intake.

What can I expect? Results. Our formulations have a range of CBD amounts to ensure you’re getting what you need to see progress. When it comes to A.M. and P.M. Capsules, the added caffeine/melatonin will offer customers immediate results with our fast-acting powder. Not to mention, the consistent use of CBD is what delivers lasting results for customers.

CBD Lotion

A luxurious and effective way to experience CBD is through creams and lotions alike. Topical products have proven to become a staple into their routines of beauty experts and sports professionals alike. With natural cooling abilities and nearly instant results, our Freezing Point Lotion line has earned its way into our hall of fame.

Who is this product for? Those who need additional skin nourishment will find that this product delivers results almost instantaneously. However, that’s not all we had in mind when formulating Freezing Point. With added menthol and camphor, our athlete sponsors alongside our customers who lead an active lifestyle have continually reported a refreshing and aromatic experience while addressing tender areas after a workout.

What can I expect? Naturally, you’ll probably have a chance to smell Freezing Point before you really get to contemplate the lotion itself. The smells are invigorating and refreshing. From there, the lotion hydrates the skin and starts to tackle your problem areas as you apply. It’s truly a unique CBD experience.

Reviews tell it all!

When it comes to beginning your CBD journey, everyone could use a little guidance to get the ball rolling. Hemp is still new to the current market. Sure, it’s been around for thousands of years. But We’re just now learning about all it can do for our minds and bodies.

We hope this guide helps you find your path to start improving your quality of life!

Infinite CBD • February 28, 2021