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Need to Refocus? Try These 5 Strategies

The monotony of life can be overwhelming, causing us to lose focus on our goals, passions, and dreams. Luckily, there are a few ways to naturally refocus your energies so you can be your best self. If you need to refocus, try these 5 strategies.

1.) Nutrition

“You are what you eat,” or so the saying goes. It’s likely that you’ve heard this a million of times throughout your life. Here’s the thing – it’s not wrong.

Moreso than ever before, scientists are exploring the connection between diet and numerous serious health conditions. In fact, a study conducted at Cambridge University found:

“Up to 80 % of breast, bowel and prostate cancers are attributed to dietary practices, and international comparisons show strong positive associations with meat consumption.”

It isn’t just cancers. Digestive conditions and mood swings can also be attributed to choices in nutrition.

If you want to refocus, starting with nutrition is key. If you can, eating fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, and alternative sources of protein (like beans instead of meat), are a great way to improve your overall nutrition.

2.) Meditation

Meditative practices look different for everyone. For some people, meditation means going to yoga. For others, it means reading a book, drawing, or crafting. Regardless of how you choose to meditate, do it! It’s a pivotal part of regaining your focus.

A study done at UCLA confirms the impact of meditation on various aspects of our lives; meditation has been found to improve brain and immune health, while also helping us to establish more authentic and meaningful relationships.

Spending a few minutes a day doing something meditative can make all the difference, and ultimately help you to refocus on your longterm goals.

3.) Exercise

Between work, friends, family, and stress, it can be difficult to make time to exercise. While exercise has obvious health benefits, it can also work wonders for your focus.

For decades, scientists have studied the link between exercise and mood. In one study, scientists found that endorphins released due to exercise have numerous implications the body. More specifically, these endorphins can help to treat some conditions that disrupt your focus, such as addiction, pain, and even anxiety.

While life can get in the way of exercise, making time is important due to its ability to help us center our energy and combat a variety of conditions that millions of individuals experience. The American Heart Association recommends that adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. Do it for your health and to help you refocus.

4.) Identify What Distracts You

If you want to take steps to refocus, it’s important to identify the tangible things that distract you from being productive. Identifying distractions is an important component of time management, and helps you to stay driven.

There are a few simple ways to avoid common distractions. Giving yourself breaks throughout the work day, and when at home, help you to mitigate your wandering mind. Breaks help you to recharge, rather than looking for something to distract you from a task. Unplugging is also a great habit. Oftentimes, we use the internet and social media as a means for distraction. Taking some time away from your favorite platforms can be refreshing while also giving you a new perspective.

Regardless of what distracts you daily, taking breaks and unplugging are amazing coping mechanisms, which can ultimately lead you to live in the present and refocus.

5.) Take Natural Products Seriously

Your body actively fights to process whatever we put into it. This means you’re taking away from the power that could be used to maintain focus! When looking into food, supplements or anything else you can consume, demand they are majorly natural ingredients. This can help your body focus on other things, like focus!

Time to Refocus

While getting out of a rut can seem impossible, it isn’t with these 5 strategies. By integrating nutrition, meditation, and exercise into your life, you can take huge leaps towards your goals. Through the identification of what distracts you, you can work to remove those distractions and live in the present. Lastly, taking CBD is a great way to jumpstart your journey, giving you the perfect nudge in the right direction.

• March 4, 2018