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How To Use CBD Oil.

CBD has become a global phenomenon virtually overnight. With so many new products emerging in a short amount of time, customers regularly experience confusion on how to use CBD. Many companies, Infinite CBD included, advertise that products not only offer results, but they also offer versatility. The key here is learning how each product is versatile in nature. 

Today, we’re going to go through our most popular product categories and share with you how they are inherently versatile. When formulating each of our products, each and every customer was in our mind. This is why we are so excited to share with you the range of abilities that our product line offers.

For starters, let’s thank the endocannabinoid system for allowing CBD to have such versatility. Also referred to as the ECS, the endocannabinoid system regulates, processes and distributes cannabinoids throughout our body! Consider it the main lobby that tells all incoming CBD where to go and what to do! This system is why we are able to use CBD in virtually any way we want!

CBD Crystalline

One of our original products, Absolute Zero, is CBD isolate in its purest state. With visible crystalline, there’s no way to miss the obvious quality. In a white powder form, some customers expressed concern on how they should be using this product. Let’s break down the basics.

Absolute Zero is just as versatile as any other product at Infinite CBD. Many of our customers already enjoy taking dabs in their personal time. For those who are unaware, dabs are a highly concentrated way to enjoy cannabinoids. Usually the process involves a lot of heat and a glass pipe. From there, customers get creative. One of the simplistic ways to utilize your Absolute Zero is mixing it into your favorite dabs! Simply sprinkle some on top and continue. 

However, there are even more interesting ways to utilize this product. When heated, this product turns into an oil based liquid. From there, You were able to mix it into your favorite oil based products. This ranges from ingredients to beauty supplies. Some customers even find themselves getting creative with Absolute Zero in the kitchen! That’s right – CBD in any recipe you can imagine.


Our dropper options also offer an intense range of versatility. Some flavored, others not, each and every dropper has a different opportunity. With our easy dropper bottle, you know how much CBD you’re putting in with each drop. 

Our pure Isolate Droppers are virtually tasteless and have only two simple ingredients – MCT and CBD. For those who follow a beauty regimen, you may already know the benefits of MCT oil on the skin. Naturally, some customers use this product as a topical! Moreover, others utilize this product as an ingredient for other endeavors! 

Sweetened Droppers have a bit of natural flavoring to keep the CBD experience exciting! Most of our customers love taking this product directly to enjoy the flavors. Others decide to elevate consumables through their day! The choice is yours. Terpene Droppers, like Sweetened Droppers, have a bit of a taste to them! However, these are based on natural terpene profiles found in nature!

Topical Products

You guessed it! Each product in our topical section has the intended use of being put directly onto the skin. But why should creativity stop there? Let’s focus on a few key products and how you can utilize them in new and exciting ways!

Freezing Point Lotion – our Freezing Point Lotion has been a fan favorite ever since it’s lunch. Of course, the implied use is to apply to skin as needed! However, have you tried mixing Freezing Point into your favorite body wash? With the fresh scent of menthol, Freezing Point Lotion truly comes to life in the shower. Not to mention, using lotion in the shower increases the amount of moisture your skin is able to retain. “Soft skin” is an understatement. 

Freezing Point Salve – our Freezing Point salve is offered in a convenient tube and jar so that customers have an option for on the go and at home! When placed in the freezer, Freezing Point Salve Stick becomes a massage in a bottle. Customers report pressing deep down into problem areas and feeling results nearly instantly. 

Salves are protective by nature. Utilizing our Freezing Point Jar over a lotion helps your skin stay protected throughout the day and locks in moisture like no other. Some customers have reported leaving it in a window to help the sun warm it up a bit so that application is that much easier.

Our options don’t stop there. We have CBD lube, beauty oil and even lip balm that customers love for their skin!

Consumable Products

Our consumable products are not only in tincture form. Some of you may already be familiar with our best seller, Asteroid Gummies. Tried and true, these decadent delights have changed the lives of customers throughout Infinite CBD history. With each gummy containing 25mg of pure CBD isolate or broad spectrum, it becomes the easiest way to add CBD to your routine!

Our original formulation is offered in regular and sour variations. Both delicious, both offer the same utility. It just depends on your personal preference! Some customers prefer smaller amounts of CBD throughout the day and actually cut their gummy‘s in half! Not only does this help preserve each round of gummies, but it also helps cut down the amount you are consuming.

B12 Asteroid Gummies are our newest addition and they have given customers nearly instant results. Most use these for energy, but did you know B12 vitamins help to kick a hangover? That’s right – a natural, vegan, and cruelty free hangover CBD gummy.

Nano CBD

The innovations of nanotechnology have paved the way for the future of human consumption. Basically, each particle is broken down into much smaller particles. Just let your body absorb whatever it is at an unprecedented rate! For you, this would mean immediate results.

Our nano products come in a convenient tincture, moisturizing lotion and portable shots! Thankfully, we’ve covered the versatility of tinctures and lotion above! The shots speak for themselves with Energy and Rest variations to easily add into any routine. However, nano products are different in one fundamental way – they are a water-based product. This would mean that our nano tincture, called Nano Enhancer, Blends seamlessly into anything with a water base. This can range from water to beauty products. Seriously, the limitations are few with this category.

Use CBD How You Want!

All-in-all, the decision on how to use CBD oil is yours to make! Whether it be our recommendations or your creativity, using CBD is done differently by everyone

Infinite CBD • November 3, 2020