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Different CBD Types

What Are the Different Types of CBD?

In recent years, the cannabis industry has exploded with success. As we move closer towards more positive legislation, cannabinoids around the country are starting to be produced in new and innovative ways. Whether you’re shopping for a tincture, lotion or even a simple CBD pill, the available options can become overwhelming. Choosing between products is a difficult enough end which makes deciding what type of CBD to pursue even more so confusing.

Before we begin understanding the different kinds of concentrates, let’s cover the basics and go over the endocannabinoid system, entourage effect and the extraction process. Both of these are crucial for understanding how these concentrates work within the body.

The Endocannabinoid System

Also referred to as your ECS, the Endocannabinoid System is responsible for absorbing, distributing and making use of any and all cannabinoids that enter the body. Much like our nervous system, the ECS works in the background to maintain a comfortable homeostasis within the body. As cannabinoids are introduced, our ECS targets problem areas within our body and distributes cannabinoids to the places that need it most. In turn, this helps us keep a comfortable balance.

The ECS has two main receptors that help guide cannabinoids to the appropriate place. These are referred to as your CB1 and CB2 receptors. Thanks to these, your body is able to address a range of issues with the use of cannabinoids. To read more about the Endocannabinoid System And how it assists our overall well-being, check out our blog here!

The Entourage Effect

Many cannabis enthusiasts swear by the entourage effect. Have you heard of the term “phytochemicals?” In short, these are the chemical compounds produced by a plant for one reason or another. Terpenes and flavonoids, which give plants their unique aromas and flavors, are phytochemicals by nature!

Now, the Entourage Effect is a well followed theory that cannabinoids are more powerful and more effective when accompanied by natural phytochemicals that appear within the hemp plant. Many customers enjoy the specific effects and flavors of different terpene profiles derived from the hemp plant. However, other customers prefer sticking to their desired cannabinoid.

Hemp – Let’s Start with Extraction

Traditionally speaking, there are two main practices for obtaining hemp extract. While many companies have their own tips and tricks when extracting CBD, both methods have their appeal.

The first is fairly simple and involves a solvent to help break down the cannabinoids for a pure extract. In this method of extraction, the solvent of choice is used to dissolve cannabinoids So that they are ready for evaporation. Once the extract has been evaporated, you are left with a highly concentrated oil. From here, different companies have unique preferences on which solvent works best and if there should be additional steps of distillation.

The second method does not use a solvent at all. In fact, this second method uses temperature and or pressure changes to separate the cannabinoids in a more natural way. This helps yield extremely pure extract – resulting somewhere between 80 and 100% purity.

Different CBD Types

Many of you may already know that there are different types of CBD extracts that are also referred to as concentrates. The four main categories of CBD shoppers should be aware of our CBD isolate, broad spectrum CBD, full spectrum and nano CBD.

CBD Isolate

This form of CBD concentrate is the most pure of all. This crystal powder is able to achieve a purity of 99.9% CBD. To put it simply, CBD isolate is an isolated form of a single cannabinoid – cannabidiol (CBD). Normally, obtaining CBD isolate involves additional solvent processes after an initial distillation. While the additional processing steps can be rather costly, the purity of the final product is always worth the extra step.

While some customers may prefer an earthy and natural flavor to their hemp extract, many other customers would prefer that the flavors remain undetectable within their daily routine. CBD Isolate, when extracted correctly, is as clear as water.

Broad Spectrum

Do you remember the phytochemicals we talked about earlier? Well, broad-spectrum incorporates these into the concentrate. Most broad spectrum extracts retain a large amount of those phytochemicals without any trace of THC. Naturally, this would allow the product to remain non-psychoactive.

Thanks to the presence of accompanying phytochemicals, customers can expect minor to average entourage effects and flavor profiles. Moreover, broad spectrum extracts usually have a slightly cloudy or earthy color to it.

Full Spectrum

When it comes to full spectrum concentrates, get ready for a bold flavor and color. When you purchase a full spectrum concentrate, this would mean that you are purchasing the maximum amount of Fido chemicals in a hemp-based concentrate. Many cannabis companies may let you know that these concentrates contain heavy amounts of “plant matter.”

While more phytochemicals may sound great, it is important to note that full spectrum concentrates contain trace amounts of THC – making the product slightly psychoactive. Many customers may not find the effects to be obvious, but to someone who does not consume cannabis on a regular basis, the effects may be more apparent.

Nano CBD

Let’s circle back around to what we learned about CBD isolate. Each CBD particle can be measured in about 4500 nanometers(nm). In our labs, we are able to break down the particle to extremely small sizes – measuring to 1 nm! Sure, this sounds impressive. But why is it important? At this extremely small size, CBD absorbs into the body almost instantly. For customers who have tried CBD products to no avail, nano CBD is the next step up in powerful CBD concentrates. One major point to mention about nano CBD is that it dilutes perfectly into water-based products. For some CBD customers, this can help elevate their routine in an entirely new way.

Which Concentrate is Best for You?

Unfortunately, answering this question takes a little bit of trial and error. However, you may find your perfect product on the first try! If you’re not sure what kind of concentrate to focus on, think about what products you want to add to your routine most.

Are you hoping to find a CBD capsule to take alongside your morning multivitamin? Are you looking for lotions or bath bombs to help you relax? Maybe you’re interested in something more traditional, like a tincture. Whatever your preferences may be, start there. Once you have found the product that you would most enjoy, try out the different kinds of concentrates.

The US has so many different sources for hemp extracts and we truly know how overwhelming it can be. At Infinite CBD, we try to keep our options as simplified and personalized as possible. Check out our online store and send us a message if you need any help determining which product might work best.

As always, we recommend you talk to your primary care physician about any changes you make to your daily routine. When it comes to cannabis, your doctor may have information that can help you make an informed decision. In the meantime, check out some of our resources and see if you can’t do some of the research on your own!

Infinite CBD • August 6, 2021