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Cannabis Hangover?

Does Cannabis Cause a Hangover?

Many of us have heard this urban legend before. When it comes to cannabis, it seems that the negative side effects are few and far between. However, some cannabis users have reported not feeling quite themselves the morning after indulging in cannabis products. From a freshly rolled joint to freshly baked cannabis goods, the effects of this plant on the body range due to the difference in cannabis strains. So, how can we determine if cannabis can actually cause a hangover?

Let’s start with a simple breakdown to rule out some cannabinoids from this conversation.

Psychoactive V.S. Non-psychoactive Cannabinoids

Let’s consider the two most popular cannabinoids – THC and CBD. THC, popularly known for its psychoactive effects, has completely spearheaded the cannabis movement in America. Obviously the accompanying “high“ has a lot to do with this. CBD, on the other hand, does not produce psychoactive effects for users and still administers the benefits of cannabinoids to the body through the Endocannabinoid System.

Studies ( show negative, or “morning after“ effects of cannabis are most closely related to cannabinoids with a psychoactive nature. Since there are no known studies of the same done for non-psychoactive cannabinoids, like CBD, we can assume that the only potential cannabis hangover will come from psychoactive cannabinoids exclusively.

Alcohol Hangovers V.S. Cannabis Hangovers

Most of us have experienced a nasty hangover at least once in your life. If you are one of the few that has not, congratulations. It is not an experience any of us would recommend. However, they are terrible nonetheless. When it comes to consuming alcohol, people commonly report issues with sleeping, pains throughout the body, nausea, issues with lightheadedness or head pain and even problems with memory and focus. In some cases, patients find themselves sickly or hospitalized with alcohol poisoning. In the most tragic cases, overconsumption of alcohol can lead to death. Luckily, the rumored cannabis hangover is not nearly as severe.

Those who have reported experiencing a cannabis hangover usually report a dry mouth, headaches and a “foggy” brain. At times, some report that they woke up still “high,” unable to get started on their day. Thankfully, these are symptoms that can be simply resolved with proper hydration and exercises of the mind and body – like an audiobook and a quick walk around your neighborhood!


Some may assume that a cannabis hangover is directly associated with being dehydrated. We don’t want to cancel that out, but it would not be the case every time. There is a significant lack of evidence proving the idea that cannabis use causes dehydration. Check out some research on the topic here (!

Have you heard of the famous “cottonmouth?” Well, simply put, this is not a symptom of dehydration. In our mouth we have something called “submandibular glands” which are responsible for producing saliva. When THC is present in the body, it binds itself to these glands and makes our mouth dry! While our bodies may be totally hydrated, our mouth‘s feel like sandpaper. However, this is not a reason to ignore hydration when consuming cannabis products.

Waking Up Still “High”

At times, cannabis processes slowly in the body and gives you effects lasting into the next day. This experience differs greatly depending on whether you smoked or ate cannabis products.

In simple quantities, the effects of smoking will typically last somewhere between 1 to 5 hours. However, edibles almost double that. Consuming cannabis edibles during the evening hours almost guarantees effects that will last into the next day. Some cannabis veterans may not have this experience, but if you are just starting to introduce your body to cannabis products, this is something you should keep in mind. While it may not feel like a traditional hangover, your brain will seem a bit foggy while your body may seem a bit lethargic.

The Bottom Line

After all is said and done, the cannabis experience is unique from one user to the next. However, if you do find yourself experiencing a cannabis hangover there is absolutely no need to panic. Just give your body a little extra care, and have a glass of water.

At Infinite CBD, we always recommend a routine to keep your mind and body and check at all times. Truth be told, a routine can help kick you into gear for your day – helping combat any “cannabis hangover“ you may be having.

Infinite CBD • June 25, 2021