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Did you know that is you subscribe to one of our products today you save 20% on every product on every order? Check out all of the benefits of subscriptions.

Why Should I Subscribe?

  • You save 20% on every product that you subscribe to
  • You can set your frequency to whatever you like – Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly – It’s your call
  • Do not have to worry about missing an order – like clockwork your delivery arrives on-time

How Do I Subscribe?

  • We recommend first signing up for an account on our website – you will be able to keep track of all your subscriptions
  • Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter as well when you create an account so you can stay up to date on sales – some even for subscriptions!
  • When checking out with your product, make sure to select Formulation, CBD type, and Strength. From there, you will see a “One Time Purchase” or “Subscribe and save 20%”
  • A “Deliver” drop down will appear and you are able to set the frequency of your delivery