Magic Mushroom Muscimol Gummies

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These gummies promise a fun, vibey experience like psilocybin, though with a milder touch. Effects include relaxation, euphoria, + visual altering of colors + patterns.

These gummies are best enjoyed from your couch, so you can let your mind roam free. The active ingredient Muscimol is derived from the Aminita Muscaria Mushroom.

• 4 count
• 5 mg Muscimol per Gummy
• Recommended portion is 1 – 2 gummies
• Do not exceed 20 mg (4 gummies) in 24 hours
• Muscimol is legal in 49 out of the 50 states

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Must be at least 21 to purchase this product. This product is not available in Louisiana. 


A Vibe
Like No Other

Psychoactive Experience
Muscimol is like psilocybin's cousin. It's a milder high and creates a fun world of color.
Sleepy Time
These gummies are known to make people feel relaxed - they're perfect for a fun night in on the couch.
Pure Muscimol
Our advanced extraction process extracts 99% Pure Muscimol from the Aminita Muscaria Mushroom.
These gummies are a psychoactive experience meant to be taken in the privacy of your own home. Do not drive, operate heavy machinery or complete
arduous tasks while consuming these gummies. You must be 21+ to purchase, do not exceed 20 mg in 24 hours as this could lead to unwanted
side effects like nausea and vomiting. Those who are nursing or pregnant should not consume these gummies.

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Magic Mushroom Muscimol Gummies
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