30 Jan 2018

Your Pets Can Benefit From CBD Too

They’re our best friends. The great loves of our lives. Companions that love us for all of our faults. When you have a pet, it instantly becomes part of the family. While they are often playful and loving members of the family, being a pet owner is a big responsibility. There are check-ups, necessary vaccines, grooming needs, and the inevitable large vet bill.

When it comes to our pets, we’d do just about anything to make sure they have the best lives possible. If you’ve experienced the benefits of CBD, you understand the conditions it can help to alleviate. Your pets can benefit from CBD too.

CBD For Pet Anxiety

Our pets can experience anxiety for a variety of reasons. Loud noises, like fireworks or thunder, can trigger anxiety. Did you rescue your pet? If they didn’t have a good experience in their early months, they can often experience separation anxiety or anxiety when meeting new people or other animals.

CBD can help to alleviate any anxiety that our pets may be experiencing. Studies have shown that CBD can reduce levels of anxiety in animals, dramatically decreasing anxious behaviors and causing a calming effect. If you can anticipate moments when your pet may experience anxiety, giving them a drop or two of CBD can help them to feel less stress in triggering situations.

CBD For Pet Allergies

Many pets suffer from allergies, be them seasonal or a reaction to something they’ve eaten or come in contact with. For pets, allergies can have many symptoms. For example, your pet’s watery eyes, flaky dry skin, or itchy ears can all be signs of an allergy. For pets, allergies and their symptoms can often make daily life uncomfortable, leading you and your companion to the vet far too frequently.

If your pet suffers from allergies, CBD can help. As a well-researched anti-inflammatory, CBD can help to mitigate the allergic response your pet has to a variety of allergens. Using CBD for pet allergies is a natural and safe way to make the life of your pet more comfortable.

CBD For Pet Seizures & Epilepsy

For a variety of reasons, pets can often develop seizure disorders, which can later be diagnosed as a form of epilepsy. When pets have a seizure, their brains experience an extreme increase in brain activity, leading to imbalance, total loss of muscular control, vomiting, and many other symptoms.

If you pet experiences seizures, daily or occasionally due to epilepsy or another disorder, it can be a very traumatic experience. CBD can be administered easily to a pet experiencing a seizure. Research shows that CBD helps to protect the brain during seizures in animals, even lessening their severity or stopping them all together.

If your pet experiences occasional seizures or has them often due to epilepsy, CBD can help! Having CBD on hand, or even starting a daily CBD routine with your pet can help them during these stressful experiences.

CBD for Joint Pain Experienced By Your Pet

As pets age, they often struggle to keep up with their daily routines due to joint pain. Many animals experience joint pain, which can prevent them from activities like climbing stairs or taking long walks. In other cases, joint pain can even prevent your pet from making it to the proper bathroom location in time.

CBD can alleviate the joint pain your pet is experiencing, helping them to be more comfortable. As a strong anti-inflammatory, CBD can relieve your pet’s inflamed joints. With CBD, your pet can continue to enjoy their favorite activities while alleviating any worry you may have about their levels of pain.

Pets Benefit From CBD

Whether your pet experiences anxiety, seasonal allergies, has seizures or suffers from joint pain, CBD can help. People everywhere are enjoying the benefits of CBD, shouldn’t our pets too? Your pets can benefit from CBD, making it something you should consider implementing into their diet regularly.



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  2. Would like to purchase some for my Shih Tzu who has severe allergies.


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