03 May 2019

Can CBD Help Relieve Chronic and Seasonal Allergies?

At some point of your life, you may have experienced seasonal, acute, or chronic allergies. In the U.S., surprisingly, allergies are categorized as the sixth leading cause of chronic illnesses. Although allergies are usually grouped together, there are many different types. What may come as a shock is that allergies impact 40-50 million Americans. What treatment methods are used to combat allergies and their symptoms though? Antihistamines are typically the traditional route. However, natural remedies like cannabis and Cannabidiol (CBD) are slowly taking precedence over pharmaceutical medications. Will CBD help with allergies? If so, how can it help improve allergy related symptoms?

Types of Allergies & Common Causes

In most cases, people experience seasonal allergies, which usually disappear after a few days or weeks. There are also allergies that occur as a reaction to different foods, drinks, or cosmetic products. However, allergies can even pop up due to pollen, dust, mold, and animal hair. What about other external factors? It turns out that allergies can be triggered by humidity, a location’s climate, and certain temperatures. Despite the many causes of allergies, there are natural remedies to try.

Nowadays, it is relatively common for doctors to recommend over-the-counter allergy medications like antihistamines. However, these do not help everyone, and they do not relieve all kinds of allergies. Then, there are potential side effects from antihistamines to consider. Rather than going the pharmaceutical route, it is becoming more popular to try natural allergy remedies. One example is cannabis or CBD for those who do not want to experience psychoactive effects.

Will CBD Help With Allergies and Its Symptoms?

Not only are cannabis and CBD deemed as safe, they typically do not deliver negative side effects. Overall, though, it is recommended to treat allergies in the very beginning before they get worse. Not only do cannabis and CBD contain anti-inflammatory properties, they also deliver therapeutic benefits too. The combination of these benefits can fortunately help people feel less overwhelmed by their allergies and its symptoms.

In addition, cannabis and various cannabinoids can work to balance out the body’s immune system and other internal systems. Over the years, CBD has shown its ability to reduce the severity of allergies and its symptoms. So far, though, it has been discovered that CBD can stop the body’s airways from closing. When people cough frequently and have difficulties breathing, their airways can close. However, CBD can step in and prevent this from happening–a huge relief for allergy sufferers.

Benefits of CBD For Achieving Allergy Relief

Furthermore, CBD’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties have been effective and useful in treating allergies. Unfortunately, inflammation is a typical allergy symptom. It normally occurs due to the irritation and harm various allergens have on the body’s cells. Fortunately, CBD can combat inflammation through the activation of cannabinoid receptors. The benefits do not stop here though.

For example, it has been shown that cannabinoids including CBD can alleviate symptoms due to sinusitis. It has even been found that CBD may contain microbial benefits. More research must be done in this area for confirmation though. Nonetheless, these microbial benefits can be helpful in alleviating seasonal allergy symptoms.

So far, it is believed that CBD-rich cannabis strains and CBD-infused oils can open up the body’s sinuses. CBD infused products can also decrease pressure in the body’s nasal cavities while preventing nasal congestion. To say this is a positive for allergy sufferers is a huge understatement.

Due to all of these benefits and many more, cannabinoids have become a natural allergy treatment method. This method is even more beneficial because less risks are involved as compared to antihistamines. So, in your opinion, will CBD help with allergies? You be the judge!



  1. Hi, Alysha. I’m glad too, as before, I had to take Claritine, but I don’t like medications too much – natural is almost always better. No, I haven’t tried your products yet, because I live in Europe and usually the overseas shipping costs are higher than the value of product itself. Maybe when I decide to buy few bottles of CBD, otherwise, I will continue to read your articles with pleasure.

  2. It is almost funny how my hay fever was bothering me (I couldn’t even keep my eyes open normally) until I started using CBD. I guess, that endocannabinoid system was “out of control” as within 3-4 weeks it balanced out and the allergies almost doesn’t occur any more.

    1. Hi Luke, Thank you for sharing your CBD experience with us! We are so glad to hear that CBD has helped with your hay fever. Let us know if you try any of our products to help with your allergies, we would love to hear your feedback. Thank you for your interest in our articles!


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