15 Mar 2019
Where to get CBD Gummies.

Where to Get CBD Gummies; New Asteroids Packaging

Where to Get CBD Gummies

It is no secret CBD Gummies are becoming a household staple for their potential benefits and effects but the question remains; Where to get CBD Gummies? With Infinite CBD’s new Asteroids packaging, you will find delicious and fresh gummies worldwide.

Where to get CBD Gummies can vary. You can purchase from the comfort of your own home or pick up locally at a shop near you. If you don’t know where to get CBD gummies near you, use our Store Locator to see where you can pick up Asteroids in their new packaging.

Ways to purchase CBD Gummies

Find where to get CBD gummies near you using the following methods.
Online; ordering CBD gummies online is easy and convenient. Simply visit www.infinitecbd.com or another trusted CBD retailer to place your order and start activating your endocannabinoid system.
In-store; visit your local smoke shop, chiropractic clinic, or gym to find CBD Gummies locally near you. Retailers worldwide are offering CBD products to purchase when you need it most.
Use store locator; our store locator is a great tool to find where you can pick up CBD gummies near you. When you forget to order more or gave too much to your friends, pick up when convenient to your schedule.

Benefits of New Bag Packaging

Our new Asteroid packaging is created with freshness in mind. Never let your delicious CBD gummies dry out or get chewy while waiting to consume. Now live, Asteroids are now featured in a resealable bag which offers fresh Asteroids, week-after-week. Find out where to get CBD gummies fresh and delicious by visiting our Shop today!
After receiving feedback about our previous tray packaging drying out Asteroids and making the gummies hard, we decided to implement packaging changes to ensure fresh gummies whenever your hand reaches to grab more.
There is nothing worse than getting yourself excited to eat a CBD gummy only to find out they are a bit hard and chewy because they were left open or exposed to air for too long. With our new Asteroids packaging, you will never run into dry CBD gummies again. Easily reseal your bag for freshness while keeping them air tight.


Resealable bag; keep your Asteroids fresh, even months later
Less waste; we reduced the amount of waste Asteroids have
Soft chewy Asteroids; always enjoy delicious tasting vegan CBD gummies

Where to Get CBD Gummies at Infinite CBD

Where to get CBD Gummies online is an easy task. Simply visit our website at www.infinitecbd.com and visit our Shop. Along with other amazing and pure CBD products, you can purchase Asteroids, CBD Gummies in their new packaging.


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