24 Feb 2019
what is hemp extract?

What is Hemp Extract?

Conversations about hemp and CBD products seem to be popping up everywhere. But between what you’ve heard on the local news or online, what’s true? What is hemp extract, and how does it differ from CBD isolate?

Hemp Extract 101

Hemp extract is made from the seeds, stalk, and flower of the hemp plant. To create hemp extract, the aerial parts of the hemp plant are mixed with a solvent and put under pressure.

The extract contains vital phytocannabinoids that engage the endocannabinoid system.

This is why hemp extract is an ingredient in many wellness and beauty products. Hemp extract contains minerals, like iron, zinc, and potassium. It also contains Vitamin E as well as Omega 3 fatty acids and essential antioxidants.

Because of these beneficial nutrients, hemp extract has been found to boost the immune system, promote cardiovascular health, and even helps to maintain smooth and healthy skin.

Hemp extract is not to be confused with hemp seed oil. Whereas hemp extract is created using the whole hemp plant, hemp seed oil is made specifically from the seeds. While hemp seed oil has many health benefits, it does not contain the higher levels of cannabinoids seen in hemp extract.

Hemp Extract vs. Isolate

While hemp extract and CBD isolate are both derived from the hemp plant, these products differ in a few ways.

Hemp extracts contain CBD along with many other cannabinoids. Sometimes, this is also referred to as “full spectrum CBD.” Many cannabis advocates argue that the combination of cannabinoids allows for great bioavailability. That being said, full spectrum extracts can contain trace amounts of THC, which can be problematic for some users – there’s no guarantee you’ll pass a drug test. In addition, hemp extract can also have a very earthy, and oftentimes unpleasant taste.

Isolate contains only CBD, which means it contains greater amounts of beneficial CBD when compared to hemp extract. A depth of research demonstrates that CBD isolate is beneficial to numerous body systems, and can even treat inflammatory and mental health conditions.

To address the argument that full spectrum oils are superior, CBD isolate can be combined with terpenes, which have also been found to increased bioavailability and enhance CBD’s beneficial effects. Nanotechnology has also been applied to CBD isolate, which makes it easier for the body to process and distribute CBD.

CBD isolate is also seen as more versatile; because it doesn’t have an unpleasant taste, CBD isolate can easily be integrated into recipes, snacks, and gummies without compromising flavor.

Both hemp extracts and CBD isolate cater to the endocannabinoid system. Regardless of the type of products you decide to use, your CB1 and CB2 receptors will be ready for action.

Which Products Should You Take?

While CBD isolate has increased versatility and higher levels of CBD, what you consume is ultimately up to you. Now that you know the difference between hemp extract and isolate, you get to make a choice based on your body’s unique and individual needs.

Do you hear individuals asking “what is hemp extract?” Feel free to refer them to us for all of their extract and CBD isolate related questions or concerns.


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