17 Feb 2019
Big Bang, CBD Lube.

What is CBD Lube? A Review of Big Bang CBD Lube

What is CBD Lube?

As society continues to welcome more sex-positive conversations, lube has become a standard bedroom item for many singles and couples around the world. Are you ready to instantly improve your sex life? You’ll enjoy this review of Big Bang CBD Lube.

Why Should I Consider Using CBD Lube?

We’re all on the same page: sex is great. That being said, there are many things that can complicate sex, or make sex less than invigorating.

If you’re seeking a natural confidence boost, CBD lube can be an excellent option. Research demonstrates CBD’s ability to reduce anxiety, which can help to address performance anxiety, mental health disorders, and even erectile dysfunction.

Surveys tell us that about 75% of women experience pain during sex. That’s a lot of women experiencing pain when they should be experiencing pleasure. While there are numerous reasons why a woman might feel pain during sex, inflammation is the common denominator.

If you’re looking for relaxing, sensual, and pain-free sex, you should consider using CBD lube.

What is CBD Lube Made of?

Big Bang CBD lube is made of a blend of natural ingredients; in a world of fake sexual enhancing products, this natural one is a game-changer.

Big Bang contains coconut oil, jojoba oil, and Vitamin E provide moisture for optimal pleasure and even increased blood flow.

It also contains a blend of essential oils provides for a more sensual experience. Vanilla, orange, ylang-ylang, and sage act to stimulate sex hormones, promote feelings of euphoria, and boosts libido.

In addition, all of these ingredients help to balance a women’s pH, which is a wonderful plus to using CBD lube.

Using Big Bang

There are a lot of lube products on the market. I immediately noticed how “un-gloopy” this lube is. Whereas most lubes feel thick and gooey, this one is definitely more of a spray. That being said, it doesn’t feel as less moisturizing than other lubes.

Big Bang smells really good. It smells natural, rather than some kind of fake candied scent. This is definitely something I don’t mind smelling. This tastes subtly orange, which is also nice – nothing too over-stimulating that would turn me off or disrupt the intimacy.

The spray bottle works well and provides an even distribution of lube for sex toys.

The biggest thing I noticed about CBD lube was that it doesn’t feel like something one needs to immediately shower off. It’s not sticky or smelly, which allows for extended intimacy, comfort, and confidence.

Using Big Bang was a new kind of lube experience. It was the first time I didn’t feel grossed out about using lube. It’s definitely something I’d recommend trying, and it being all-natural is a huge plus.

You can easily use Big Bang for solo pleasure and with toys. Apply directly to the penis, vagina, or toys for pleasurable and fun orgasms.

Ready to Try CBD Lube?

The best part about CBD lube is that it’s just a click away. Imagine having more confident and pain-free sex. With Big Bang, an enhanced and more satisfying sex life is within reach.

Improve sexual intercourse with Big Bang CBD lube. You can find it here.



  1. Is it safe to use with silicone?

    1. Hi Paul,
      Thank you for your inquiry! Our Big Bang lube is not compatible with silicone products. We are working on a water base lube that you will be able to use with silicone. We appreciate your interest in our products!

  2. What up. We know that a CBD get you right in all aspects of health.


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