18 Jan 2019
cbd and weight loss

The Inside Scoop: CBD and Weight Loss

For decades, weight loss has become a major component of practicing health. There are many diet plans and fitness initiatives out there, but what about CBD? Can CBD help with weight loss?

CBD and Components of Weight Loss

Effective weight loss strategies approach weight loss from more than one angle. Additionally, CBD has been found to effectively target the common components of weight loss.


Our nutritional habits play a substantial role in the body’s metabolic processes. Consequentially, our appetite impacts our ability to lose or gain weight.

Leading CBD researchers have found numerous connections tying CBD’s role in stabilizing and manipulating appetite. The fact is, the endocannabinoid system has a strong presence throughout the digestive system. A study from 2006 shows that the ECS acts to protect the digestive tract from inflammation and infection.

More specifically, a study published in 2016, demonstrates CBD’s influence on genes and proteins that break down fats along the digestive tract. CBD helps to breakdown and use fats, rather than store them as excess, promotes appetite control and utilization.

Physical Health

When you think of weight loss, individuals often think of the role physical health and fitness can play in weight management. As you consider the ways to integrate healthy habits into your routine, like workout classes, nutritional supplements, and more time outside, don’t forget the role CBD can play!

Research continues to display the beneficial impact that CBD has on physical health.

For decades, the scientific community has been discussing CBD’s antioxidant properties. CB1 receptors located in the brain and throughout the human body demonstrate the vast ability that CBD has as a protective antioxidant.  As a proven antioxidant, CBD helps to protect our cells from oxidative stress, which occurs due to our environment, a compromised immune system, and even our habits.

CBD is also a proven anti-inflammatory. Using natural biological pathways, CBD addresses inflammation through the immune system, stopping our cellular inflammatory response and thereby reducing pain and increasing mobility. Inflammation is now one of the leading causes of serious conditions, like cardiovascular disease, so taking advantage of CBD as a natural anti-inflammatory is ideal.

More so than ever before, the scientific community is discussing the integrated nature of physical health and mental health. If you find yourself having to manage physical and mental health, CBD is also helpful. Studies demonstrate CBD’s ability to modulate hormones and receptors that influence mood and impact levels of anxiety and depression.

Science suggests that CBD plays a vital role in your physical health and well-being. It’s no surprise that CBD can then have an impact on weight loss.

Terpenes For Weight Loss

The cannabis community and scientific research increasingly agree that terpenes influence the entourage effect, and thereby facilitate your body’s ability to process and use CBD effectively. Terpenes themselves have many beneficial effects, so when they’re paired with CBD, the benefits for weight loss are endless.

In addition to having many other benefits, Humulene is a terpene known for suppressing appetite. This can be helpful, especially if you’ve made nutritional dietary changes and find yourself constantly hungry, or have started practicing intermittent fasting.

When paired with CBD, Humulene’s effects are enhanced. Together, they act to stabilize the body’s metabolic processes and reduce appetite. Infinite CBD offers numerous terpene profiles featuring Humulene, like Cheese, Tangi, and Super Silver Haze.

CBD and Weight Loss

When considering the effects of CBD on appetite, physical health, and it’s capabilities when paired with terpenes, CBD is beneficial if you’re on a weight loss journey.

CBD and weight loss really are the perfect pair.

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