28 Apr 2019
cbd oil and allergies for dogs

The Benefits of Using CBD Oil for Dog Allergies

There are many ways to reduce the frequency and severity of dog allergies. There is one option that people probably haven’t considered: CBD oil. These are the benefits of using CBD oil for dog allergies.

Do Dogs Have Allergies?

Yes! Dogs and many other animals have allergies, just like humans.

Dog allergies can be triggered by many things. Oftentimes, dogs can be allergic to the ingredients in their food. Ingredients like grains, wheat, or even chicken can cause allergy symptoms in your dog. Dogs can also be allergic to things in their environment. Flowers, grasses, pollen, and even aerosols and cleaning detergents can cause a flare up for your dog.

Symptoms of Dog Allergies

There are a few ways to tell if your dog suffers from allergies.

First, are they eating less food, even when you’ve added broth or a special treat? This could be a sign that your dog has an allergy to an ingredient in their food. At this point, you should talk to your vet about narrowing down the allergy and finding a better type of dog food.

If your dog bites their paws, develops a rash, wheezes and coughs, or has smelly and dirty ears, these are also signs that your dog has allergies.

Dog allergies can affect a dog’s quality of life. From interfering with their sleep and play time, to negatively impacting their mood, dog allergies are no fun for dogs or their humans.

CBD Oil and Allergies for Dogs

Numerous studies demonstrate the benefits of using CBD oil for dog allergies.

Activating cannabinoid receptors has proven to play a major role in addressing allergins in animals. More specifically, a study published in 2008 demonstrates the ability of activated CB1 and CB2 receptors to prevent antigen-induced asthma-like reactions. The study, which was conducted with guinea pigs, provides strong evidence that cannabinoids, like CBD, can provide allergy relief.

Another study is titled “Cannabinoids as Novel Anti-Inflammatory Drugs.” The study explores the mechanisms of cannabinoids that block the immune system’s inflammatory response. More specifically, the study shows that cannabinoids can play a pivotal role in the pathophysiology of the allergic airway response.

Studies also show that CBD alleviates contact dermatitis. The study demonstrates the ways in which CBD reduces the production of cytokines that facilitate the allergic response. This suggests that CBD can reduce allergic responses that occur on the skin.

Giving CBD to Dogs

Giving CBD oil t0 dogs for their allergies isn’t as disruptive as you may think. Pet Droppers can be added to your dog’s water, food, or put directly on their skin to reduce allergies. The CBD, paired with coconut oil, makes for a tasty yet subtle beneficial additive for your pet.

CBD doesn’t only reduce allergies. CBD has also been found to help support your pet’s joints, promote a healthy coat, and improves their digestion.

CBD for Dog Allergies

One thing is clear. CBD can help to alleviate your dog’s allergies. This natural way to reduce dog allergies increases your pet’s quality of life. For a happier, healthier, and more energetic dog, try CBD for dog allergies.


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