16 Nov 2018
Young Man Suffering Lower Back Pain

The Best Terpenes For Pain Relief

Many individuals turn to CBD for its ability to relieve pain. In addition, terpenes have their own pain relieving benefits. When combined, CBD with terpenes helps to alleviate pain and inflammation, helping you to live a more active and comfortable life. Considering adding terpenes to your CBD? These are the best terpenes for pain relief.

Terpenes Have Unique Health Benefits

Terpenes provide not only aromatic qualities to CBD but also have their own unique health benefits. When added to CBD, terpenes help to achieve the entourage effect, helping your body to maximize the benefit it has on your body.

For example, a terpene profile containing Alpha-Pinene has been found to have anti-inflammatory effects and beneficial impacts on the immune and respiratory systems.

Because of the unique benefits of terpenes, terpenes can be added to Infinite CBD’s Isolate Droppers, Absolute Zero, and Vape Juice.

Terpenes for Pain Relief

The following terpene profiles have been well-studied and consistently show their capability to relieve pain.


This citrus dominant terpene is a favorite among those who are seeking cerebral and relaxing effects. This terpene profile has long been known for its ability to alleviate pain.

Tangi contains Beta-Myrcene. A study published earlier this year discusses the anti-inflammatory properties specific to Beta-Myrcene and suggests its use in treating chronic pain conditions, including migraines and arthritis.

Caryophyllene is also in Tangi’s terpene profile. Extensive research suggests Caryophyllene’s analgesic properties.

Together, alongside other terpenes, Beta-Myrcene and Caryophyllene make Tangi a fantastic pain relieving terpene.

Mango Kush

The Mango Kush terpene profile is a favorite of those seeking fruity flavors and a means to relaxation, sleep regulation and recover.

Like Tangi, Mango Kush also contains Beta-Myrcene and Caryophyllene. This terpene profile also contains Linalool. A study published in 2016 suggests that Linalool’s antioxidant properties target the immune system to halt its inflammatory response.


This terpene smells and tastes like its name. In addition to being inherently delicious, it’s been found to help individuals manage pain and chronic stress.

Blueberry also contains Beta-Myrcene and Caryophyllene, both of which relieve pain. In addition, this terpene profile contains Alpha-Pinene, which studies show has anti-inflammatory potential.

OG Kush

This earthy terpene profile is a favorite in the cannabis community. For those seeking relief from chronic pain or stress, this is a must-have.

OG Kush, like other pain-relieving profiles, contains Beta-Myrcene and Caryophyllene. This terpene also contains D-Limonene, which research shows relieves chronic pain, especially following surgeries.

Say Goodbye to Pain with These Terpenes

Are you ready to say goodbye to pain? Tangi, Mango Kush, Blueberry, and OG Kush are terpenes for pain relief. In partnership with the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD, these terpenes can help to restore your quality of life.

Consider adding terpenes to your Isolate Droppers, Absolute Zero, or Vape Juice.

Want to learn more about terpenes? You can find more information here.


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