16 Feb 2018
Tattoo healing with CBD.

Tattoo Healing Made Easy With Infinite CBD

Getting a tattoo is meaningful and exciting, but can quickly turn painful if your tattoo doesn’t heal right. To ensure your tattoo heals without a fuss, it is important to know how and why your skin reacts when you get inked. Lastly, rather than worrying about tattoo aftercare, know that tattoo health is made easy with Infinite CBD’s new tattoo products.

Your Skin Reacts To Getting New Ink

Essentially, getting a tattoo is a lot like getting a cut. Your body responds to a tattoo as it would to an injury, with the immune system reacting almost immediately.

Due to the immune system’s inflammatory response, redness and swelling accompany a new tattoo. This can happen in the hours following your new ink, or even while you’re being tattooed.

In the days following your tattoo, it will probably feel an awful lot like a bad sunburn. After getting a new tattoo, the skin surrounding your new ink may feel tight, stretched, or even burnt. During the healing process, it is important to keep your tattoo clean. Because a tattoo is essentially an injury, it is susceptible to infection and general agitation.

In order to ensure the health of your new tattoo, it is important to understand the stages of tattoo healing.

Stage 1 of Tattoo Healing

Tattoo after-care during these first few days is incredibly important, as having a new tattoo is essentially like having an open wound. A new tattoo is prone to infection and irritation, which can turn a fun, creative experience into an emergency room nightmare. From day 1 to 3, washing your tattoo and keeping it moisturized is essential.

Stage 1 often lasts between 1 and 3 days.

Stage 2 of Tattoo Healing

During stage 2, a new tattoo may feel itchy. At this point, your immune system has reacted, hoping to close the open wound. From day 4 to 7, a new tattoo will be dry and can experience scabbing. While this is a part of the body’s natural healing process, it is not enjoyable. From day 4 to 7, it is important to keep your tattoo moisturized and preferably untouched. Don’t be tempted to itch or scratch your tattoo – it can lead to scarring and ultimately ruin the lines your artist has meticulously drawn.

Stage 2 usually lasts around 3 to 4 days.

Stage 3 of Tattoo Healing

At this point, the finish line is in sight. During stage 3, keeping your tattoo uncovered and moisturized is important, because your old skin is going to peel and ultimately unveil the artwork underneath.

Stage 3 normally lasts about 3 to 10 days. This number varies due to the makeup of your skin and any factors that may influence healing time.

Tattoo Healing Made Easy With Infinite CBD

A healing tattoo can behave somewhat unpredictably. While it may feel fine one day, if not properly cared for can turn into a scary inflection the next. Luckily, tattoo healing is now made easy with Infinite CBD’s new products.

Dark Matter – CBD Antiseptic Soap

After getting a new tattoo, your artist will wash it carefully. After that, washing your tattoo is your responsibility, and is an important part of tattoo healing for the first few days. Infinite CBD’s Dark Matter – CBD Antiseptic Soap can help to clean your new ink, making tattoo healing an easy process.

To use Dark Matter, mix an entire 2 oz bottle into 500ml of water. Then, lather on your new tattoo and pat (not rub) dry. This soap has a very neutral smell, and will leave your new tattoo feeling clean and smooth.

Due to its CBD content, there are 3 advantages to using Dark Matter:

  • Cleaner Lines
  • Faster Healing Time
  • Reduced Inflammation

After washing a new tattoo with Dark Matter, you’ll notice a significant decrease in inflammation. As a natural anti-inflammatory CBD reduces swelling, allowing your tattoo to heal more efficiently. This lack of inflammation will mitigate scabbing and excessive dryness, which means faster healing time!

Afterglow – Healing Oil

During the healing stages of a new tattoo, it’s important to keep it moisturized and protected. Infinite CBD’s Afterglow – Healing Oil is perfect for both moisturizing your tattoo and protecting it as it heals.

To use Afterglow, simply apply a small amount to your tattoo and rub in gently. Don’t worry, Afterglow has easy to apply due to the applicator, so no mess! Like Dark Matter, you’ll notice a neutral smell.

Due to its CBD content, there are 3 advantages to using Afterglow:

  • Promotes Skin Immunity
  • Natural Anti-Inflammatory
  • Reduces Irritation

Upon using Afterglow on your new tattoo, you’ll notice a number of things. First, there will be reduced redness and swelling of your tattoo due to CBD’s anti-inflammatory abilities. Next, CBD paired with coconut oil and vitamin E create a protective and soothing layer while also moisturizing it. These attributes also make Afterglow a great healing oil for rashes, burns, scrapes, psoriasis, and even eczema.

Ready For A New Tattoo?

The only thing more exciting than getting a new tattoo is experiencing the ease of the tattoo healing process with Infinite CBD. Infinite CBD’s Dark Matter and Afterglow products use CBD isolate to keep your new tattoo clean, protected, and looking fresh – and don’t forget about the reduced healing time. With Dark Matter and Afterglow, getting a tattoo will never be the same.


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