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25 May 2019
CBD Isolate Crystal

The Meaning and Purposes of CBD Isolate Crystals

Out of all forms of Cannabidiol (CBD) that exist, which ones have you tried so far? Fortunately, there are CBD products that can suit nearly everyone. Different types of CBD range from tinctures to oils to infused edibles to topical products. There is another form of CBD that is becoming more well-known in the CBD […]

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23 Feb 2019
WHO CBD Report

WHO CBD Report; the World Health Organization

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) deemed Cannabidiol (CBD) as a safe, non-toxic, and non-addictive substance. This was according to the WHO CBD report, and more of its findings will be discussed below. Besides CBD being a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, it can also deliver a plethora of potential medicinal and therapeutic benefits. CBD can even help […]

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04 Jul 2018

A Brief History of Hemp on Independence Day

This week, on July 4th, you and your loved ones will celebrate American freedoms with cookouts, fireworks, and maybe even CBD. As we celebrate history, it’s important to look back on the past to see how far we’ve come, especially in the realm of hemp and CBD. Here is a brief history of hemp on […]

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08 Sep 2017
Best CBD vape cartridge on the market.

Infinite CBD has the Best CBD Vape Cartridge on the Market

Ranked #1 CBD Vape Cartridge on the Market Infinite CBD is proud to announce being the number one CBD vape cartridge on the market by Green Rush Daily. The 8 Best CBD Vape Cartridges on the Market article ranks companies such as, O.pen, Thrive by Vape Bright, Johnny Apple CBD, and more. In a list […]

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24 Jan 2017
New clinical trials on irritable bowel syndrome and CBD.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome and CBD; New Clinical Trials

AXIM Biotechnologies, Inc., a leader of research in the industrial hemp industry will soon enter CBD clinical trials. These studies will find information about the effects of CBD on irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. All studies will occur in the Netherlands with a subject group of patients who suffer from IBS. Each will consume various […]

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08 Nov 2016
Help your asthma symptoms with CBD.

How to Improve Your Asthma With CBD

Currently over 25 million people suffer from asthma in the United States. This is a disease that has no cure but can take over the life of an individual resulting in serious health issues. Asthma shouldn’t be something that prevents you from living your life or having to spend excessive amounts of money on medications. […]

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27 Oct 2016
Pure hemp CBD molecule.

Pure Hemp CBD Need-to-Know Facts

Pure hemp CBD is a great alternative for those looking to relieve pain or illness. Research shows that there are many healing effects that come with CBD when it reacts with your endocannabinoid system. Despite what people say, pure hemp CBD does not give you psychoactive effects like THC would. But, CBD does provide additional […]

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21 Oct 2016
CBD is beneficial for pets.

CBD for Your Pet

All mammals have an endocannabinoid system, which is what cannabinoids interact with. CBD is a cannabinoid. Some experts say that CBD oil is better for your pet than THC rich oil would be. THC oil can be tricky because the owner would typically have to mess with the dosage which can be harmful to the […]

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13 Oct 2016
Apply CBD topical to help arthritis.

About Topical CBD Application

We all know that you can smoke or ingest CBD to get the effect from the cannabis plant. But you can also apply topically to a specific area to still get relief. If you do not want to use a lotion, salve or other type of topical that contains THC, a pure hemp-derived CBD product […]

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27 Sep 2016
Prevent allergies using CBD.

Will CBD Reduce My Symptoms Due to Allergies?

CBD had many benefits. It helps people who suffer from anxiety to insomnia and everything in between. CBD has quickly made a name for itself; being able to relieve a variety of symptoms for people who take it. If you suffer from allergies this season, CBD might give you the relief you are looking for. It […]

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