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04 Feb 2019
How CBD helps Cancer World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day: How CBD Helps Cancer

On February 4th, we celebrate World Cancer Day. This day acts to increase awareness about the prevalence of cancer, as well as new research and treatments. Today, we take a moment to recognize those who have or are currently battle cancer and medical professionals who treat it. It’s also important to understand how CBD helps […]

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09 Dec 2018
nutrient-packed ingredients holiday season

Add These 5 Nutrient-Packed Ingredients to Holiday Dishes

When the holiday season comes around, it seems impossible to stick to a healthy diet. While the holidays definitely allow for some delicious cheat meals, it’s important to stick to your dietary goals. Add these 5 nutrient-packed ingredients to holiday dishes. Spinach There’s a reason that Popeye ate so much spinach. Spinach is loaded with immune-boosting […]

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12 Nov 2018
Text Sign Showing Diabetes

Understanding the Diabetes Epidemic in the United States

Millions of Americans have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and millions more fall into the prediabetic category. Diabetes is an epidemic which is affecting quality of life and health care costs exponentially. Understanding the diabetes epidemic in the United States is not an easy feat, but education is key to solving the crisis. What […]

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04 Oct 2018
10 healthy Habits Everyone Should Adopt

10 Healthy Habits Everyone Should Adopt

Every day, what you do impacts your health. Your activity level, diet, mental health – all of these aspects profoundly impact your health and can have repercussions for years to come. There are 10 healthy habits everyone should adopt. 1.) Drink More Water We know everyone says this, but it’s one of the healthiest habits […]

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19 Jul 2018

Need a Mental Vacation? Try These 10 Relaxation Strategies

Stress isn’t fun for anyone, especially when it begins impacting your mood, sleep, or relationships. Whether you’re experiencing work stress, or stress related to something else, it’s important to treat yourself every once in a while. Are you nodding your head in agreement? Do you desperately need a mental vacation? Try these 10 relaxation strategies! […]

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10 Apr 2018
CBD can be a healthy routine for your pet.

5 Simple Ways to Establish A Healthy Routine For Your Pet

Millions of households across the globe have pets. Our pets become far more than their namesake and become important members of the family. Just as we have our own individual health routines, it is important that our pets have one as well. Creating a routine for your pet is probably a lot easier than you think, […]

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24 Mar 2018

Start Eating These 10 Superfoods Now

When life gets busy, sometimes our health routine becomes less than a priority. This happens to the best of us and is a totally normal part of life. Luckily, nutrient-packed superfoods can boost your health, even when your normal routine is in shambles. If you start eating these 10 superfoods now, you’ll be giving your body […]

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04 Mar 2018

Need to Refocus? Try These 5 Strategies

The monotony of life can be overwhelming, causing us to lose focus on our goals, passions, and dreams. Luckily, there are a few ways to naturally refocus your energies so you can be your best self. If you need to refocus, try these 5 strategies. 1.) Nutrition “You are what you eat,” or so the […]

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11 Jan 2018

5 Ways To Boost Eye Health During Glaucoma Awareness Month

During Glaucoma Awareness month we should take the time to evaluate our eye health. Our vision is something that we all value, but is often taken for granted; it is important to take the steps necessary to ensure our eyes are working properly. These are 5 ways to boost eye health during Glaucoma Awareness month. 1. […]

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