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09 Dec 2018
nutrient-packed ingredients holiday season

Add These 5 Nutrient-Packed Ingredients to Holiday Dishes

When the holiday season comes around, it seems impossible to stick to a healthy diet. While the holidays definitely allow for some delicious cheat meals, it’s important to stick to your dietary goals. Add these 5 nutrient-packed ingredients to holiday dishes. Spinach There’s a reason that Popeye ate so much spinach. Spinach is loaded with immune-boosting […]

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23 Jul 2018

Mexico’s Transition into Treating Cannabidiol as a Supplement

Although cannabis and Cannabidiol are medically and/or recreationally legal in many U.S. states, Mexico operates a bit differently. In particular, Mexico decriminalized the personal use and possession of five grams of cannabis in 2009. Then, last year, they legalized medical cannabis. However, the country’s medical cannabis law is quite strict, especially because Cannabidiol oil must […]

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