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03 Feb 2019
CBD salve

Benefits of Infinite CBD’s Freezing Point Salve; Why Add It Into Your Medicine Routine

Arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Multiple Sclerosis, neuropathy, migraines, psoriasis, and menstrual cramps cause different levels of pain and discomfort. Unfortunately, many of their symptoms can result in the decline of one’s well-being and quality of life. Although various pharmaceutical medications can help treat many of the medical issues already mentioned, they can also make […]

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13 Mar 2018
CBD for motion sickness.

CBD For Motion Sickness Symptoms: Will CBD Help My Symptoms?

CBD For Motion Sickness Symptoms: No More Nausea on Long Road Trips Have you ever gone on a long road trip, boat ride, and/or flight and felt nauseous? Or, maybe you have felt dizzy or lightheaded when traveling in a moving vehicle for a certain period of time. If so, your body experienced symptoms of […]

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