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23 Sep 2018
CBD’s analgesic properties

The Significance of CBD’s Analgesic Properties—How It Can Help You

When was the last time you experienced pain? Did it obstruct your daily activities, or was it manageable? According to a 2012 data analysis from a National Health Interview Study (NHIS) about pain, some interesting findings were revealed. It was discovered that an estimated 25.3 million American adults experienced daily pain for the last three […]

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12 Sep 2018
Will CBD oil help with MS?

Will CBD Oil Help with MS?

How CBD Can Positively Help Those with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Will CBD oil help with MS? Lets find out. What do muscle spasms, spasticity, chronic pain, inflammation, depression, and fatigue have in common? They’re all symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). For those who don’t know, Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that affects roughly 2.3 […]

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23 Jul 2018

Mexico’s Transition into Treating Cannabidiol as a Supplement

Although cannabis and Cannabidiol are medically and/or recreationally legal in many U.S. states, Mexico operates a bit differently. In particular, Mexico decriminalized the personal use and possession of five grams of cannabis in 2009. Then, last year, they legalized medical cannabis. However, the country’s medical cannabis law is quite strict, especially because Cannabidiol oil must […]

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03 Jul 2018
CBD room service menu.

Upscale New York City Hotel Offers CBD Room Service Menu to Guests

For years, New York City has been recognized as the largest city in the U.S. As of 2016, it was estimated that 8.55 million people live in NYC. Out of this number, many people work, live, visit, and experience the city in different ways. Some New Yorkers stay in upscale hotels, but visitors stay in […]

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30 Apr 2018
CBD over Ibuprofen

CBD Over Ibuprofen and NSAIDs; Growing Interest and Usage

If you currently use CBD, what do you use it for? Athletes are beginning to use CBD over Ibuprofen. Perhaps it’s your go-to medicine for muscle spasms, aches and pains, and/or soreness. Or, maybe you use CBD to help a specific issue that prevents you from experiencing a positive quality of life. Regardless of your […]

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21 Mar 2018
CBD cocktails.

Cannabidiol Infused Cocktails and Where to Find Them

Where to find CBD Cocktails Whether it is happy hour, Friday night, or Sunday fun day, different cocktails are served at various restaurants and bars. Most of these traditional cocktails contain mixtures of alcohol and other ingredients. However, recently, certain restaurants and bars have started selling Cannabidiol-infused cocktails. In Hawaii, California, and Oregon, a few […]

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25 Feb 2018
China's legal CBD.

An Informative Preview into China’s Legal CBD Market

China’s Legal CBD Market As of 2018, China is home to 1.4 billion people and counting, according to Worldometers. Out of this number, close to ten million Chinese residents have been diagnosed with various epilepsy disorders. Although pharmaceutical medications are available to treat health issues, China has been moving towards natural forms of medicine like […]

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18 Dec 2017
CBD doesn’t get you high.

Can You Get High from CBD?

Non-Psychoactive Properties of CBD When people think of cannabis, a large majority associate it with getting high or feeling some sort of psychoactive effect. However, only THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) provides users with a cerebrally high sensation. However, fortunately, the cannabis plant contains other compounds and chemicals such as CBD, CBN, and THCA, which are all non-psychoactive. […]

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