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20 Nov 2019

NANO CBD Review; Creating a Difference in Bioavailability

When searching for new CBD products, do you look for customer reviews and testimonials? Do you value other opinions and feedback? Even if you are new to cannabidiol, a lot can be learned from other people’s experiences. This applies to learning about CBD and what the cannabinoid is capable of. Besides the regular CBD you […]

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04 Nov 2019
how does beard oil work?

November Product of the Month – Save 20% on Beard Flux, CBD Beard Oil

Enjoy No-Shave November with 20% off Beard Flux, CBD Beard Oil all month long! November is a fun time of the year filled with different traditions, trends, and awareness months. One popular cause we celebrate is no-shave November, but what is it all about? No-shave November consists of spreading awareness about embracing our hair and […]

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01 Nov 2019
CBD and epilepsy research

November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month – A CBD and Epilepsy Research Review

In the U.S., roughly 3.4 million people live with epilepsy. Whereas, globally, around 65 million people live with this neurological disorder. One silver lining worth noting is the impact CBD can have on epilepsy and seizures. To this day, CBD and epilepsy research continues to grow but research demonstrates potential. In life, everyone has struggles, […]

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25 Oct 2019

CBD and Depression Medications

CBD and depression medications can be compared by their similarities and differences. With the rise of natural, homeopathic and holistic medicinal alternatives, CBD (cannabidiol) has been in the spotlight as the newest innovation in personal health. While natural options are not always the perfect replacement for modern medications, studies and customer testimonials show that there […]

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23 Oct 2019

Wholesale Opportunities with Infinite CBD

Have you considered introducing your customers to a natural way to keep their health in tip top shape? When you become a wholesaler with Infinite CBD, you will be able to offer your customers that and more. With countless hours of product formulations, packaging and studying customer testimonials, our team is proud to host a […]

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14 Oct 2019

Can CBD Gummies Help With Depression?

This month, Infinite CBD has spent an exceptional amount of time diving into research to understand the relationship between CBD and depression. While current research has not led the public to a definitive answer, there are points to be made about the improvements that can be made in an individual’s life who may be suffering […]

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12 Oct 2019

Are There Side Effects Linked to CBD Usage Including Fatigue and Drowsiness?

Cannabidiol (CBD)–an alternative medicine and natural treatment method used by millions worldwide. Yes, CBD has demonstrated its efficacy in helping treat multiple medical disorders, diseases, and health issues. The cannabinoid has also shown its ability to help improve one’s well-being and quality of life. This goes hand in hand with CBD’s variety of therapeutic properties. […]

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01 Jun 2019
Why CBD oil doesn't work

Top Five Reasons Why CBD Oil Doesn’t Work For You & What to Do

Why CBD oil doesn’t work for me is a common question we get asked. Over the years, Cannabidiol (CBD) has gained a positive reputation mostly due to its medicinal and therapeutic value. So far, the usage of CBD attracts more age groups than just young adults. Young children, young adults, middle-aged adults, and elderly adults […]

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20 Apr 2019
CBD research studies.

Recent CBD Research Studies—Overviews and Noteworthy Findings

What’s New in CBD? CBD Research Studies What is the last CBD research study you came across? What were the findings? As days, weeks, and months go by, so does the execution of various CBD research studies and clinical trials. CBD can be legally purchased and consumed in many locations around the world. However, there […]

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