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01 Mar 2019
CBD Lube for pain.

CBD Lube for Pain; Benefits and Effects

Sexual intercourse—an intimate, enjoyable, and satisfying experience that can help enhance and strengthen the connection between you and your partner. Depending on who you are speaking to, sex has different meanings. However, one aspect that is universal regarding sex is the intention of receiving pleasure and providing pleasure to the other person. What if there […]

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27 Feb 2019
How CBD oil is used.

How CBD Oil is Used; What Are The Delivery Methods?

Individuals all over the world are turning to Cannabidiol, or CBD, for its overall benefits for their health. People everywhere are using CBD oil, but how do you use CBD oil? What are the benefits and the variety of CBD delivery methods? If you’re considering integrating CBD into your health routine, dive into the latest information with […]

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20 Feb 2019
CBD topical for sex.

Can You Use CBD Topical For Sex?

Scientists continue to find that cannabis products benefit the health and happiness of human everywhere. Yes, this includes sex. Cannabis users, and specifically those who use CBD, are starting to bring CBD in the bedroom. The question is, what type of CBD products can be used for sex? Can you use CBD topical for sex? […]

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17 Feb 2019
Big Bang, CBD Lube.

What is CBD Lube? A Review of Big Bang CBD Lube

What is CBD Lube? As society continues to welcome more sex-positive conversations, lube has become a standard bedroom item for many singles and couples around the world. Are you ready to instantly improve your sex life? You’ll enjoy this review of Big Bang CBD Lube. Why Should I Consider Using CBD Lube? We’re all on […]

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12 Feb 2019
What does CBD do for sex? Infinite CBD blog

What Does CBD Do for Sex? The Benefits of Using CBD for Sex

As Valentine’s Day approaches, everyone is wondering what does CBD can do for sex? The fact is, CBD can have a significant and pleasurable impact on your sex life. These are the benefits of using CBD for sex. What Does CBD Do For Sex? While sexual intercourse can be a wonderful experience, it doesn’t come […]

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10 Feb 2019
CBD Valentine's Day Gifts

5 CBD Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Significant Other

There are two types of people on Valentine’s Day. The first goes to the drugstore and buys some kind heart-shaped box of chocolate. The other gives the gift of CBD to their significant other. Guess who gets a bigger kiss? Here are 5 CBD Valentine’s Day gifts for your significant other. Prepare to pucker up! The […]

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