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13 Nov 2018
Sleeping Ginger Cat Close up

A CBD Love Story with Xena the Cat

When you love your pets, seeing them experience health problems is troubling. Barbara saw her 17-year-old cat Xena suffering and decided to turn to CBD to provide her with relief. This is a CBD love story with Xena the cat. CBD Education It all started with Barbara’s pursuit of CBD education. She began researching CBD […]

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10 Apr 2018
CBD can be a healthy routine for your pet.

5 Simple Ways to Establish A Healthy Routine For Your Pet

Millions of households across the globe have pets. Our pets become far more than their namesake and become important members of the family. Just as we have our own individual health routines, it is important that our pets have one as well. Creating a routine for your pet is probably a lot easier than you think, […]

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30 Jan 2018

Your Pets Can Benefit From CBD Too

They’re our best friends. The great loves of our lives. Companions that love us for all of our faults. When you have a pet, it instantly becomes part of the family. While they are often playful and loving members of the family, being a pet owner is a big responsibility. There are check-ups, necessary vaccines, […]

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21 Oct 2016
CBD is beneficial for pets.

CBD for Your Pet

All mammals have an endocannabinoid system, which is what cannabinoids interact with. CBD is a cannabinoid. Some experts say that CBD oil is better for your pet than THC rich oil would be. THC oil can be tricky because the owner would typically have to mess with the dosage which can be harmful to the […]

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